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Discussion in 'Front Page Material' started by FireLt72, May 22, 2017.

  1. FireLt72

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    Well it is closing in on one of the time of the year us outdoor lovers dream of, deer season. It doesn't matter if you are an archer or a gunner the season is fast approaching.

    One of the biggest things we hear this time of year is safety; from hunter orange to know what you are shooting at. Those are both still great tips, but the one that has taken front and center stage is the safety harness.

    Safety harnesses for those unfamiliar with them are devices that evolved from rock climber and safety personnel. They at one time were nothing more than larger leather belts that snugged up on the climber and allowed them to ascend safely if they fell from a height. Today these are high tech webbing and very light weight. They are now a full body- over the shoulders and around the legs- webbing that disperses the impact of the fall over a lot of body area.

    All new tree stands are required to include a new harness inside. I have only found one state that legislates the use of the harness and that is Alabama. The problem is these harnesses are like a ball of twine. They are tangled and twisted and you actually need a rocket scientist to unravel the harness....and then you have to put it on. No, tying the shoulder strap around your waist and throwing in some granny knots will not save you if you fall. I made the purchase the other day and got two comfort harnesses for my kids and one for me. They are easier and lighter and they provide much more comfort. You have the harness and the fall strap that hooks to the tree, so if you fall you become an unijured or less injured pinata. If the deer had a sense of humor they would be there smacking us with a stick.

    I did have a ground injury take place the other day. I was placing a tree stand in my tree in the yard to shoot from and practice from. I have an adjustable ladder set up; one with locking pins they hold the ladder in different shapes and sizes. I had the ladder extended and was placing this against the tree when something heavy and hard smacked the top of my head. I saw stars, birds and talked with a couple dead family members along with calling 911. I was not sure how bad I was hurt by the top half of the ladder that became unpinned- I either didn't lock it correctly or the springs are not holding the pressure anymore. After gaining my senses back I was released by the ambulance crew under my own care. My wife came home, picked me up and I got a gift at the local hospital; 9 stitches. I bled like crazy. Now I should have double checked the ladder, but it had not fell on me before, so I wasn't worried. That said be careful out there, know what you are shooting at, use your orange and please no stopping falling ladders with your heads.

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