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Thinking this mushroom season will be good

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by TCNashville, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. The last few years of hunting morels have been mediocre at best for me. Weird weather, early blooms, late blooms, old, new, blah blah. I've hunted morels for quite a number of years now and actually think I know what I'm doing. To the point. We haven't had a winter like this for quite some time. I'm thinkin the last one was around '12 or '13 with somewhat prolonged snow cover/cold and those seasons following were banner years for me. Of course, that was pre Emerald Ash Borer, which by the way is really pi$$ing me off. Can't wait to get out this year.
  2. Its one of my favorite times. Just being in the woods in the spring watching it come alive with growth and hunting mushrooms. I have only hunted 3 years now. I can't say I've been highly succesful as I have never found a patch just ones twos or threes here and there. But the feeling you get when you find some is just different.

  3. Icons have many mushrooms on my place an in my hood but I started checking Dead ash , and low and behold i started finding mushrooms under the DEAD ASH last year was first year for the DEAD trees looking forward to this year and hopefully a number crop due to the DEAD trees
  4. I have wondered if Ash trees will turn out to be like the Elms as far as finding mushrooms around them after they die? It seems Ash trees only remain standing for a couple of years after they die. Unlike Elm that can stand for many years? Time will tell, but I will be looking around both the live Ash and the dead ones?
  5. I think they will . I was finding them under Ash last year several btw
  6. I’ll take an ash tree over an elm any day. I find the biggest and the most yellows around ash trees every year.
  7. we have the moisture but the temps can screw us again.
  8. Report: Anyone finding absolutely any mushrooms as of yet?
  9. My brother in law said he saw on Facebook that some people found some blacks in Morgan-Monroe. Probably a load of BS cause I haven't heard anything coming from the south yet. This Thurs-Fri is supposed to be warm so might see some early blacks by Sat but then the bottoms gonna drop out again. I must have missed the memo the spring got cancelled this year. We just need some consistent semi warm temps and I think they'll really pop. Could be a late season but I hope it's not short like we've had recently.
  10. A co-worked of my boy came in the other day (about a week ago) with a few in his hands like he was a kid who had found the cookie jar! They where in an odd place where they may have gotten some artificial help with warmth and protection from the cold as well, but they where morels. Said he had about a zip-lock freezer bags worth. Down around Decatur/Ripley county line area. With the weather getting warm I plan to look this weekend some.
  11. Seen a post on facebook a guy was fishing the edge of a pond and looked down and found a bunch of greys and yellows. Southern Indiana.
  12. I’d say most of my areas have been underwater for some time, not sure if that is any good.
  13. I've recently found out they've closed a huge chunk of Yellowwood SF due to logging and it was an area that has produced really well for me in the past. Go figure. I may have to sneak in there. Fortunately I have a few backup areas to go to including Brown Co State Park which has also been somewhat good in the past if you're the first one in there.
  14. Ok , I found 2 small greys today in Brown County and yes, it was snowing like crazy! It's a start!
  15. seen report of a couple in wabash co. next week here in the NE im betting.