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This Fourm Is Way Better

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by SMAP, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Hands Down This Forum Is The Best.way Better Than Michigan Sportsman Guys Are Very Respectful And Nice Not A Lot Of Fighting And Trash Talking. Keep Up The Good Work
  2. SMAP, perhaps you should go back and look at some past threads. There's a guy named Quail that causes real problems for us all. Stay away from guys like Werstler, Dew, Treehugger (both of them), CB, J.L.,Rookie,Pigeoncrapper, D Leslie, Tmarsh,FinsNGrins,410,Crookedlake, HuntinIN, Brewer (he's got such a big head now), Super Mag, ....the list goes on and on really.

    Stick with 'Ol Dean....we'll Get R Dun!!!!!!!

    P.S. You got any good hunting spots in Michigan?

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  3. Glad you enjoy it SMAP, and welcome. Sorry the first person to comment was Deano. He may seem innocent, but when you get to know him, he really is a creep! HAHA

    Site is full of great guys, welcome to the group.:bonk:
  4. yes dean my family owns a 240 acer and my dad hunt we see a lot of nice bucks.and every once and a wile we have been known to harvest one
  5. Welcome SMAP. It is the best site and in general, everyone gets along real well.
  6. Sounded like an invitation to me..............:biggrin: !!!!

    Just kiddin' SMAP, the guys think I'm a spot stealer......Welcome to the site.

  7. Welcome SMAP! Be careful or Dean will be sitting in your treestand one morning when you go to get in it.
  8. Hey Smap, I'll make you a deal. I'll trade you some aerial photos of one of my spots for yours.......LET'S....MAKE.... A...... DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. These maps are of my W. Central Indiana spot.......
  9. Was There a Big Deer Shot there?????:16suspect

  10. Oooohhhhhh!!!!!! SNAP!!!!!!

  11. Bigger than some I've seen come out of Kansas.
  12. Hey, I didn't say anything allright.......Still sore at me Rand???:hide:
  13. No, now send back the satellite pics ASAP! :bash:
  14. Smap welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it.