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this how it should be done

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by psychobubba, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Go General

    I'll buy the pig!

  2. Love it !!!! Sounds like a great plan to me........except nowadays Pershing would not be hailed as a hero for putting an end to terrorism. By the time our modern media and all their "experts" finished with him, he would probably be the one facing a firing squad. Nowadays we have to be politicaly correct, lest we offend some worthless piece of s%&t.
  3. Thats Right!!

    Right on Dleslie!! This country has become so soft it is pathetic....We have soldiers getting killed everyday and multiple brutal attacks on our own civilians and others in Iraq. We captured some of the low life blood hungry ****ers and put them in jail.. While policing the low life bastards in their jail cells, our troops had human fescies thrown on them and god knows what else. We gave them what they deserved and all our MEDIA and so called "experts" could talk about was how we abused and tortured them.....Awwwwww,,,, poor bastards! :bash: This country is going to be one big fuggin Ophra Wimphrey Show here some day and I hope I am not here when it comes down!!! I think I am going to go take an anger management class now!!!
  4. Makes you wonder if sometimes we really are, "our own worst enemy".
  5. I'll do it! Pick the caliber.
  6. 9mm lugar, 45 acp

    Either one works just fine for me. A well organized malitia is the backbone of our heritage, that would be us boys. Just like the old sheriff in my area sais, someone threatens your family, property, make sure they have breathed their last and drag em in the house if they are on the front lawn. No one cares about criminals, threats to our society except those bleading heart liberals.