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this is sad

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by psychobubba, Feb 1, 2006.

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  2. That makes you both sick and mad. Hard to believe there are actually people out there that call themselves "hunters". I hope I get to meet Jimmy Houston someday at an outdoor show somewhere. Me and Jimmy's gonna' have some words. What a loser.


  3. Makes Me wonder If Jimmy Fishes in a swimming pool too!
    Not Good!
  4. This just goes to show you what the industry of BIG RACKS and BIG MONEY have pushed people to do. It is a sad day...
  5. If anyone is interested, you can contact Jimmy Houston at and let him know what you think of his hunting skills. On his welcome page it says you can watch him outsmart elusive Indiana whitetail. What a joke !! Does anybody else think that he needs to get a haircut?
  6. I bet all those years he was catching doped up bass that were put on his hook by scuba divers. Why Jimmy...why??
    Hey Jimmy, take some of your money and buy some hunting land, make your own video. You just buried yourself in a community that admired you.
    My advise for anyone wanting to go on a canned hunt, Go to ebay and buy a deer already mounted, its cheaper.
  7. lilkrouThis just goes to show you what the industry of BIG RACKS and BIG MONEY have pushed people to do. It is a sad day...

    Normal people with a love of the outdoors wouldnt do something like. I think the thing that made me sick to my stomach the most was watching the deer get shot with the blunt tip arrow. Just disgusting. How can anyone be proud of shooting a deer that can barely walk or is getting ran around in circles. I am going to send ole jimmy an email as of right now. I hope the house sees this footage when deciding if we should let this stuff in the state anymore. Maybe I will send ole Mitch Daniels the website to the video just to refresh his memory.
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  9. Here's the e-mail I just sent to Jimmy Houston:

    Jimmy...I have watched your fishing and hunting shows for years. I will not be watching anything you put out anymore or purchasing anything you endorse. I've heard some of the stories of you hunting at Bellar's place in Indiana. Well this morning I watched the video. You are a low life, unethical person. I won't even use the word "hunter" in this message, because you are not a hunter in the true sense of the word. You have lost all credibility with me and many other people I know that truly love the outdoors and hunting/fishing.
  10. You got it Treehugger. I bet that is at least two of us that Jimmy will never invite on a hunt. I did think about asking him if he would like to go hunting with my 10 yr. old grandson, thought he might be able to learn something.
  11. Governor Mich

    I think that a great idea to send the Governor a copy of the canned hunt with Jimmy. Ill send that to him for we play at the same golf club. He'll at least open it....I'll make reference to the club and he will recognize my name. I'll let everyone know if he responds.

  12. Governor Mitch

    Boys....just got done emailing the Governor a copy of the Bellars trial 12 minute full length tape and how the rest of the Country will be watching the outcome here in Indiana.

    I also sent a copy via e-mail to Jimmy Huston, since he likes being on taped video so well. I offered my opinion of him being a scumbag and hoped he would attend our sports boat and travel show. ( I bet a beer that won't happen)

    Guys, I have been told I am a pretty laid back wife tells me I even stand slow until I get pissed.

  13. Jimmy, Say It Ain`t So. How Disgusting. Until Now I Had Always Enjoyed Jimmy`s Hunting And Fishing Shows, He At Least Was Entertaining.

    It Seems More And More Guys In The Hunting Industry Have Crossed Over The Ethical Line In An Attempt To Boost Ratings And Sell Videos, Remember Noel Feather.

    I Will Officially Turn My Back On Jimmy, I Hope You Guys Do Too.
  14. I registered at as Bocephus, I started a poll under the general discussion board...go check it out.

    Thats where the people are that look up to this Ric Flair wannabe.
  15. Good One! Wonder How Long That One Will Last On There???