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This Weekend (10/6)

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by LoveHunting, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Man the weather sure looks good for the weekend. Should be nice and cool in the mornings and evenings for hunting. Can't wait! It'll be my first hunting of the year...FINALLY!!!!!!!!

  3. They're saying possible frost tonight. I have to work tomorrow :( That sucks!
  4. Yea it looks pretty chilly it will be my second time out hopefully i get some luck this weekend though!! Will give report Monday.
  5. yeah i cant wait hopefully team Deer Posse will get some points.
  6. bring on the frost and the does that want to find a place to bed up... I cant wait to get my confidence up again on a big fat mule head doe.... Oh baby this work night isnt going to get done fast enough.
  7. Saw good movement tonight....2 bucks....17 does. Going back out in the morning. The full moon looks like a spotlight tonight.
  8. No kidding that full moon was mad!!!! Friday evening seen 2 doe's to far to shoot and plus had a hord of turkey's running around below me. Saturday morning man it was quiet didn't even want to breath, but seen alot of deer:bash: I knew I should've hunted that tree line instead of the funnel. Saturday evening, my cuz got one, but nothing around me. Sunday morning hunted the tree line and I should have been at the funnel:mad: That's deer hunting though, we've got next weekend, Our DNR property manager said this year might be better than 96 for deer and we have noticed alot of bucks spotlighting. One buck rule rocks and he also told me that this was the last year for the trial one buck.
  9. Full moon

    Saturday morning I hunted and didn't see a darn thing. I suspect the full moon had something to do with it. I have experienced the same thing happening in late muzzleloader season when the full moon hits. Any thoughts on this?
  10. This past Saturday and Sunday was CRAZY with deer activity in the mornings where I hunt. It's been a long time since I've seen this much deer movement this early in the season. Evenings were a bust, but mornings were awesome.
    Saturday morning, I had 2 bucks and 5 does in bow range and saw several more out at distances. I passed up a young 7 pointer and later a chocolate horned 9 pointer at under 10 yards that would have scored in the mid to high 130's. Kind of kicking myself for passing him, he was right on the boarder line as a shooter for me. The chocolate antlers is what has me beating my head against the wall.:banghead3 I ended up taking my frustrations out on a very small doe. She just looked to tasty to pass up.

    Sunday morning, I passed up two does right at first light at a whopping 3 yards from my tree. I saw three small bucks at a couple hundred yards out. Then I'm sitting there and single file 10 different bucks come strolling through all at 25 yards or less from my tree. All smaller 1.5 year old bucks with one 2.5 year old 8 pointer in the group. I kept hoping old Chocolate Horns would be with them, but he wasn't. Lucky for him, because after pondering about him all day on Saturday, I knew he would not be so lucky come Sunday if he walked by.;)

    Great morning hunts this past weekend. Cold snap got them up. Evenings were too warm and with the full moon, the deer were staying bedded until right at dark.

    Can't wait for later this week. More cold weather. Then ducks this weekend!:biggrin:
  11. Activity started to pick up for me as well. Five bucks sighted Saturday morning, and I saw one decent 8 pt. on Sunday morning and the same one later that evening. No does within range though...:(
  12. Saturday morning i did not see a thing but i had to leave the woods at about 9 o clock because of football films but sunday night me and a buddy went out again and we saw a pretty nice 8 pointer and a nice doe about 150 yards i got the doe to come about 100 yards but then about a half hour later we saw another nice 8 pointer and 4 other does walking the edge of a corn field and then a we saw another buck step out of the woods about 20 yards in front of the 8 pointer and the 4 does and the does took off and the buck that came out of the corn field was a 12 pointer and he lowered his head and charged at the 8 pointer and so they fought for a good 45 minutes i saw the 8 pointer on the ground at least 3 different times but all this was about 100 yards away so we never could get a shot but it was a fun evening to watch the bucks fight hopefully that 12 pointer walks by my stand one of these days
  13. I think this weekend will be crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. well,
    shot under a nice doe saturday morning. not sure what happened but oh well. she was 30 yards. saw plenty of deer and it was a great weekend.