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This weekend's hunts

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by RPro, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Went out yesterday morning fairly early, I'd say we caught them pretty good. In 20 minutes time I had my two, and we put up 2 more cocks and several hens on the way out of the field. THis morning took longer, althought he first shot came probably 10 minutes into it. After that we chased fleetfooted roosters all over, and I passed up a shot or two due to distance.

    That first shot this morning bother me, that bird looked in the air though I absolutely hammered it. Quartering away, so it shouldn't have been a back shot so much, knocked feathers to who tied 'em and he just went limp in the air. The Springer and the Brit ran in for the retrieve.... no bird. I hung my hat where I'd marked him down and let the dogs work scent for a while. The Springer ran into a bordering woods and looked like she was on foot scent, but after a bit she lost it. Just amazing how tough these suckers are. The second bird was pretty interesting also as he towered after the shot. THat's a pretty amazing sight, seems like it happens about once a year to me. The bird driving straight up into the air only to go limp at the apex and then falling to earth.

    So anyways:

    My pair of idgits, I finally got the Brit to pose -


    Went home and brought the Cocker pup out to check things out -

    And a purely gratuitous shot of me I took by laying the camera on the hood of the truck this morning; that should have been two birds instead of one if I could shoot better and kill 'em.

  2. Cool pics, RPro.
  3. Thats awesome,, ever need a partner? I am ready....:cool: :cool: :cool:
  4. I suppose now with this warmup, that there'll be a lot more walking between birds. I like it when it's cold or miserable, or both, it puts them where I can find them. At least around here, when it's warm out, they scatter and don't roost in their usual spots.
  5. We shot 4 ourselves on Sunday, 3 in one spot and 1 in a 5 acre patch, good dog work, and good times, I love chasing the ditch chickens
  6. Good goin' doc. True to way it goes, at least here, I went out Sunday afternoon and yesterday afternoon, saw 0 birds, highs in the 50's. This rain may do it, but I'm gonna be getting tied up with the holdays and shopping and other icky things here real soon.