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Time Change

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by 410, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Well I know there will be a lot of post on this thread.
    I am a morning person and this takes a hour away from some good fishing and the kids get on the bus in the dark again.:fish: :coco:
    I know what you business people are saying : OH that gives us another hour so people will can and play golf, or buy a new car, or something like that, let's here from the gang. :bowdown: :bowdown: DITCH MITCH and this time.:hide:
  2. Excuse me but how does the time change take away an hour of good fishing??? If you are a morning person and you are up what is stopping you from going fishing at daylight like you normally would? You knew I'd be all over this one didn't you 410??? :evil:

  3. Considering that the universe revolves around me AND I can get in 18 holes or more fishing after work (or play outside with the kids, garden work, yard work), then the time change is just awesome. I'm pretty sure it is good for my business, also. Keep Mitch.
  4. Sorry Tuck, but I'm loving it. Yes, the kids get on the bus in the dark, but about 4 weeks ago, they were getting on the bus in the dark just the same. Didn't hurt them then and it won't hurt them now. Heck in a couple weeks it will be light again when they get on the bus.

    From a business aspect, I think it is great. Sunlight before the start of work is useless to me. I'll take the sunlight after work ... and no, I don't golf. From a hunting/fishing perspective. I hunt around the sunrise and sunset, not by the clock. I really could care less what the clock says. Sunrise is sunrise and sunset is sunset as far as game is concerned.

    I'm not a morning person, I'll admit. I'm a night owl. I'm up until midnight or 1:00am most every night, so to me I'll take more daylight in the evenings. I prefer to hunt and fish evenings too. Me and the alarm clock do not get along very well.:mad:

    And then there is the old argument ... "well the kids can't get to sleep in the evenings now because it is day light out". HOGWASH. Teach your kids that when it is time to go to bed, it is time to go to bed, from the start. Pull the blinds shut, close their bedroom doors, and let them sleep. Besides even during the old time zone, my kids (8:00 pm) still went to bed in the day light from about May 1st to late August.

    I love the Eastern time zone. One of the things Mitch did right!:biggrin:
  5. I don't have to get up at 3:00 a.m. to turkey hunt, and I don't have to rush around after work to get into the deer stand. DST is fine by me.
  6. I hate it. I work outside. It causes me to work later.....I want it to be daylight at 5 am not 10 pm.
  7. Have to admit that I was against it in the beginning but, I've realized that it has it's advantages.
  8. i'm with dles on this one...i was SEVERELY against it, i mean, uber hatred for DST...but, like DEC, i'm more of a night owl, so having some time in the evenings, that doesnt suck...i'm coming around...
  9. I know that I grouse about DST, but truth be told, it doesn't make a crap to me. I head to work in the dark summer and winter. My beef is that the entire state should be on the same time.
  10. My gripe is in the spring, it takes me a few weeks to get my sleeping schedule back in line.
  11. Well I threw Tree would be on me over this, but dammit still light when I go to bed, Scott knows his dad hates this time too. Anyone retired that hunt or fishes in the mornings hates this time and when you boys are retired or layoff and have to wait for the sun to come out will hate this time to. This time is for the people who has businesses or just like to spend money on golf or something crazy like that. Sorry gang I think IT SUCKS
  12. That is because you older guys (sorry, just assuming) get up at 4 am to read the paper and are in bed by 8pm! Just joking of course (although I know of several folks that are 50+ that this is their daily schedule!...not saying that you fit this stereotype 410):hide:
  13. That ok lilkrou, I starting to feel just a little old. The deal is we love to fish the morming because when you catch 100 to 300 gills its a lot easier to clean them than coming in at dark and doing it. Sorry Tree there is no limit on gills. HA!
  14. LOL!
  15. I don't mind DST, I just wish we would stay on it year round and not change. It takes a few weeks for my old body to adjust to the hour change.

    Before the DST, when I was hunting and fishing, I always knew about what time it was, now I never know what time it is.........