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Time Off

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by JL, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Hey, I don't know if I told any of you guys this or not, but today was the last day of work for me for about ten weeks. It's a pretty depressing time for me now. I'll probably have to fish every day, sleep in every other day, and drink quite a bit of beer to get through. Dang it all anyway. I'm not looking for pity, just thought I'd vent a little about the dire circumstances I am facing.
  2. hat is off to you, my heart goes out to you, and dangit I'm just plain jealous!!! For all of us Monday - Friday - January - December nimrods go out and have fun and catch some wallhangers!!!...even if they're not it will be fun and better than working. :banghead3 :bonk: :banghead3

  3. Thanks, tree...I'm going to start the coping process in about fifteen minutes with the fly rod on my favorite redear lake.
  4. You Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All didn't have to rub it in...JL. I now consider you the equivalent of a certain ....Birdman!!???

    Nahh, it's not nearly that bad, but if you keep rubbing all this stuff in our faces...well, I don't know what I'll do.........:cheeky-sm !!!!
  5. Come on, know I'm not as classy as Cary or Mark...besides, I'm not rubbing it in, I'm venting.
  6. Cary and Mark know all too well who the REAL Birdman is.........OH WAIT, I just got it...

    Until Goggle and the Italian Stallion rub it in our faces they're safe....OH wait their both moderators.....

    :bowdown: To Mark and Cary............"I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!!!!!!"

    What exactly do you have to vent over, Coach? It's over until August.....
  7. That hurts. :gaga: Back at ya Deano.

    James, if you need a reminder of what it is to work, let me know, I'm in the middle of a 19 day stretch, then I get two days off!!! If you ever want to fill in for me I'd be happy to keep your panfish hot spots occupied for you.

    You're a blessed man, James.
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  8. Ya poor bastard!!! I feel for you, I really do.:mad:
  9. I'm not off until next Tuesday - We started later in the summer. But i've got to start Driver Ed :rolleyes: :) But probably mornings only, I'm ready to semi retire to just teaching chemistry and leave all this extra stuff behind.

    I'm so ashamed - I didn't even go fishing over Memorial day weekend:bloos:
  10. WELL WELL now jl you will fine out it tough being off and have to fish everyday. NOT, if you need a partner, man I think I can help you out now that all the gang has to work even Deano. HA!
  11. JL,, you lucky dog,,, but you are help to shape the future:bowdown:
  12. ccavacini

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    I feel your pain. Our last kids' day is next Tuesday. This is the first summer in quite awhile I'm not teaching summer school, so I, like you, will have to spend my days getting up late, fishing, drinking beer (but not before 12), and whatever.

    Looking forward to the Canada fishing trip (leaving June 16 for a week).

    But getting a new pup June 27th, so that will keep me busy.

  13. Wait until 12 to pop one? Its Ok if you say outloud - "Its must be noon somewhere":)
  14. i know it's rough. we will hold you in our prayers. if you ever have to vent just fry up some fellets and we'll be there for you.
  15. Enjoy your time off, Jim!:)