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Time to Start Cooking!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Scott Werstler, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Just wanted to let you guys know of two new things I'm trying this year.

    1) Dad bought some high temperature cheese from a sausage making supply catalog. We tried 2 pounds of pepper jack, along with 3 tablespoons of dried jalopenos in a 25 pound batch of sausage and found it to be great. A little spice, but not uncomfortable fire. Also made some regular for my daughter and younger son. The old mans gettig better each year with his sausage making.

    2) Found some terriyaki marinade in a sausage supply catalog. I marinaded some jerky meat for 24 hours. Basically I am using this marinade in place of the normal jerky spices that I use. Right now its been drained from the marinade and is sitting in the fridge with the cure on it. Going into the dehydrator tonight. I'll let you know, if you want to find out for yourselves come over and go fishing this winter. If your lucky, my kids might share a piece or two with you. 410 found out the hard way that it isn't easy to talk them out of it and you are better off bringing cookies and other trading stock with you. (Quail, I could sure use some more of those peanut butter cookies your daughters made this fall!)
  2. I'm there...I'll bring some of my own jerky. We can compare and contrast. Just pulled a batch of goose jerky from the dehydrator. Never tried to make it before, but it's some of the best jerky I've ever had!

  3. That sausage and jerky sound mighty good! I'll send the kids into the kitchen and start working on those cookies ASAP.
  4. The only way to eat a goose, J.L. I turn all mine into jerky. My kids love it. I'm making the birds from last week into jerky tonight.
  5. Well you better bring something with you, reason being Tom will not give up his jerky. ONE piece is all he would give me (ONE PIECE) and it was small. Maybe with all the deer his dad got, maybe I will get more than one piece JUST MAYBE. Thanks Scott that would be fun if some of the gang got together and did a little ice fishing at your place, but tell them to bring there own coffee. HA! HA!
  6. Care to post your recipe?

    I made some breakfast sausage this year for the first time. It turned out great, but a little sweet.

    I have a book on venison sausage with hundreds of recipes, but would rather try one thats tried and true.

    If you want a particular one name it and i will post it.
  7. i'm going to attempt my first try at making jerky tonight. i have 5 pounds of jerky meat from the hindquarters that i'll be marinating tonight. Do you have to put a cure on it after marinating? if so what do you use to cure it? i'm planning on making it in my oven at 170 degrees.
  8. Got a recipe for some good vension.
    cube your deer, mix in onions, potatoes and fill pan half way up with V8 juice bake in the oven at 250 till done. Yummy
  9. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Jerky recim,pe

    I've done this with all kinds of meat...even cheap steak

    Notice it's heavy on the hot stuff...which I like. Also, it's probably sweeter than most, which I like also.

    Before I cut the breasts (duck, goose, pheasant) I pound them a little to flatten..but not too much. This make them easier to dehydrate and breaks down some of the fiber.

    I cut strips about 1 1/2" wide, with the grain.
    Let marinate in sauce at least 24 hours in the fridge which really breaks down the fiber.
    1 cup Soy Sauce
    1/2 cup Worchestershire Sauce
    1/4 cup Lousiana Hot Sauce (or substitue with your favorite)
    2 cups Brown Sugar
    1/2 cup Molasses
    1 1/2 cup Ketchup
    1 1/2 tsp. Garlic Powder
    2 tsp. Pepper
    2 tsp. Cayene Pepper
    1/2 tsp. Salt
    1 TB. Liquid Smoke
    1 tsp. Ginger
    1-2 TB Habenero Sauce

    I have a cheap Mr. Coffee Dehydrator with trays. I dehydrate a minimum of 8 hours.
    If it goes too long (which I have done) they're like potato chips. I like them kind of moist.
    Good luck, and hope you enjoy...I do.
  10. Both my marinade and my dehydrator are almost identical to what Cary is doing. Try it, fellas...good stuff!
  11. While I do like the "cut" meat jerky better, I also bought a cheap jerky shooter off ebay made for ground meat. I use all the same dry ingrediants and a bit of liquid to keep it easy to work with....throw on the smoker for about 8 hours (the first hour with wood, last 7 with just charcoal so it's not too smokey). Some of the best stuff yet. I don't have the exact quantities, but I use the following
    Morton's tender quick (cure)
    garlic powder
    onion powder
    Dale's Marinade (soy base, but also has worsch.. and other spices)
    black pepper
    white pepper
    bit of red/cayenne pepper
    dry mustard
    dash of red wine vinegar
  12. fixed the inner loins from a doe i shot this past sat. I trimmed all the fat off, drizzled olive oil on them, rubbed montreal steak rub on them, sprinkled garlic salt, and threw them on the grill for 5 minutes per side on medium high heat. Pulled them off the grill when they were medium to medium rare. These are better than fillet mignon!
  13. Amen to that!
  14. I always make a big batch of soup from some of the bones and neck. Boil them until the meat falls off, put in a can of chili beans, tomatoes, vegetables, maybe rice or barley. The guys and I in the teachers lounge will eat it up tomorrow! :corkysm55