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Tine Lock's Hooked

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Scott Werstler, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Congratulations to Tine Lock, one of our newer members. If you read his profile he is a 14 year old young man. This is his first year bow hunting.

    Several weeks ago he took a nice doe with his bow. This week he rattled in and took an 8 point buck (his first buck) with a great double lung shot that dropped the deer within 30 yards. Two deer down, no long trailing jobs, no unrecovered animals, great job young man!

    Tine Lock is too mature and modest to spout off about his accomplishments on here, but I thought the rest of you would enjoy reading about his rookie accomplishments this year.

    I would also like to add Tine Lock is a big supporter of the OBR, QDM, and has passed up several smaller bucks before taking this one. Who says you have to be an aged and maturing group of hunters to embrace the OBR?

    If we all encourage him, maybe he will show us a picture of his first buck!
  2. Good work, and congratulations, let's see that picture!

  3. Way to go Tinelock, what a way to start your hunting adventures!

    Thanks for sharing his story, Scott.
  4. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    [If we all encourage him, maybe he will show us a picture of his first buck![/QUOTE]
    I thought it was a requirement to post a pic of your deer on this site if you were a Good job tine lock! i have a question to any other hunter out there, how many of you shot two deer with your bow the first year hunting and Recoverd both....Not me! Again Great job Tine!
  5. Way to go Tine Lock! Now come on let us see some pics. That's one of the things this site is about...sharing your successes and failures with other hunters and fishermen. ALL of us learn from it.
  6. Awsome Job Tinelock , We On This Site Are Very Proud To Have You As A Member Of Our Group, I Know Our Beloved Sport Has A Bright Future In The Hands Of Young Hunters Like Yourself ,congrats & Great Job!!!!!;)
  7. Thought that was my job.
  8. Awesome!:coolgleam

    Congrats and welcome aboard!
  9. Congrats.. it personally took me four years before i took a deer with my bow. I think you should stop being so modest and show the pics already. Again I wish you the best of luck in the future. There will be the ups and downs that come in conjunction with the lessons hunting provides for all of us. Ride this wave and remember there is always a lesson behind everything you do in hunting. Congratulations. Trdtnlbwhntr
  10. Way to go Tine Lock !!!! Hope to see the pictures soon.
  11. Off to a great start in your whitetail hunting WITH BOW!! Tine Lock my 8 year old son really enjoys checking out the buck pictures on this site.....I am sure he and many other younger visitors to this site would like to see and hear about your accomplishments this season.
  12. Thanks

    Hey sorry bout that I havent checked out this forum in a couple of days. I didn't even know you were talkin about me. Im not at my house right now but ill try and post the pictures if I can soon. He's not big but I was happy with him for my first buck. Thanks for the encouragement!
  13. Great job and congrats. Looking forward to seeing the pics. That is a great accomplishment for your first year bow hunting. No need to be modest, show off your success. It's good to see young hunters successful, it will definite keep them interested and hooked on this great sport.
  14. ?

    I've posted pictures before and it worked but now I can't get it to work. Anyone have any ideas on how I can post it?
  15. way to go tine lock:bowdown: congrats tinelock:bouncy: you inspire us all:woohoo1: