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Tips for buying a youth rifle/shotgun

Discussion in 'Indiana Small Game Hunting' started by bambicide, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. I would like to get my 9 year old started hunting. Nothing serious...any tips on a gun choice or where to find a youth gun...probably 410 or 28 gauge, maybe a 22 rifle. No custom guns...I need to keep the price down.
  2. Rossi , you can get a 410/.22 or 20ga/.22. They are single shot guns with interchanging barrels. for right around $100

  3. I guess the first question should be what is he going to start out hunting. Im guessing rabbits, squirrels, tweety birds and the like. If thats correct id say go with the .410. That was my first gun. My dad let me shoot the .22 when he was teaching me gun safety and proper technique, but I actually started hunting with a .410. They are little more expensive to shoot than a .20 gauge, but they would be much easier to get proper technique with and I dont think you son would flinch as much with a .410 as he might at the thought of what a 20 gauge "should" be like. If you are going for deer then I would suggest a .45 caliber muzzleloader. You can usually find decent little "beginner" models for around 200. I guess it all falls on what you think he will be hunting with his new gun or combo gun. Im sure you have a 22 he can shoot to start and im sure you wouldnt mind sharing that with him and watching him in the squirrel woods with dads gun, so get the versatile .410 thats my choice.
  4. Unless he/she is big for 9, I would go with the .22 and leave the shotgun until later.

    The problem with a lot of the so-called youth shotguns is that they are designed lighter to make for easier carry, but the downside of that is that the young shooter will have considerably more felt recoil to handle. I've seen some youth 20ga guns that kids have brought to 4-H shooting sports trap sessions that had more recoil than a standard 12ga.

    You might consider taking your child to the Indiana Gun Club (located east of Olio Road on I believe 106th St, just north of Geist, NE of Indy) for a trap session, as they will let you try out any used guns on the range, and they have a wide offering of equipment. The guys in the shop work with 4-H clubs around the area all the time, and are very helpful in providing advice on firearms for younger shooters.

    The .22 option gets them out into the woods, and helps develop good firearms handling and safety skills without worrying about recoil and flinching problems.
  5. I 2nd the vote on this one, cheap and easy ( like Dean's dates). I'd add a recoil pad (you can get these cheap off the shelf too) to the stock for the 20g, make it even easier on a smaller kid.
  6. Rossi

  7. Another Rossi supporter here.

    I've got the .50ml/20ga./.22lr youth combo for my daughter. Can't beat the price of these things either.:)

  8. Last year I bought my 8 yr. old daughter a Rossi youth model 410/22 combo for around $129-$139. It's a great gun for youth.
  9. I think we all are thinking alike. The Rossi youth model 410/22 is a good little gun. My dad got me a 410/22 when I was 8 and I got my first squirrel, rabbit and a 4 point buck with it. I still have and I still use the gun today. With this choice you can't go wrong.
  10. Thanks for all the responses. I must say, the opinion seems overwhelming! I have my first gun, a savage 22/20 but it kicks pretty hard for a small gun. I hope the rossi is better. I checked the Rossi site and I do like the interchangeable barrels better that the over/under style.

    Thanks again and great hunting!
  11. my opinion is that a 22 is to dangerous for kids

    try remington youth mogel 20 ga 870 it will fit for a long time and he will be able to give it to his kids someday this is a great gun.. deer rabbits squirrels waterfowl upland birds can all be taken with this gun
  12. I bought a youth 870 20ga for my grandson when he was 11 and he is 18 and it still fits him pretty well still. I also got him a slug barrel to go with it and it kicks like a mule.
  13. I Would Suggest Getting The Young Buck A New England Firearms 22 Single Shot. They Have Youth Models As Well As A Interchangeable Barrel System. I Personally Like Single Shots And Have 2 Of Them.the Barrels Are Very Reasonably Priced And A Great Selection Of Calibers,gauges Etc. As He Grows You Can Just Order The Barrels Accordingly.the Quality Of The Gun Is Excellent Best Bang For The Buck. Compared To The T/c.
  14. New England supporter as well, add a S.V.L. recoil pad if needed.