To mount, or not to mount?

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  1. I've been thinking about mounting this deer I've taken this year. What do you guys think? I've taken a deer that will score close to this deer, but that was with shotgun. Should I mount this buck or not? I think he'll score about 125". Let me know what you think...thanks. Not trying to get my pic. in here more, but I'm really torn as to what to do...some feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. i say if you can afford it than do it.i personally dont have any deer hangin,my wife always reminds me of what we could spend that extra cash i have to look at pictures and the racks in the closet.kinda bummer.just my 2 cents

  3. Whats your GUT telling you to do?? You know the GUT never lies!@!!!
  4. James, being a bow kill, I'd be very tempted to mount it. You stuck it out, changed tactics/location to close in on him...that's the measure of a trophy, not the inches the rack scored. I also would be much less apt to mount the same deer if it had been a chance encounter during gun season. Same buck, via gun...I'd be saying, wow, nice set of rattleing antlers you got there.
  5. AMEN BROTHER! My deerheads, beaver pelts...all that stuff is at my bro's. At least I can go visit them. I wouldn't have the extra cash to mount another anyway.
    I have the antler's from the buck I shot when my daughter was with me and the big bass she caught hanging in the garage.
  6. james its nice for your biggest bow kill mount it
    as for the guys that can't keep your mounts at home or in the house who makes part of the house payment? its your house too take a stand at home all 3 of my deer heads are in the house and my fish are too
  7. Mount it

    Here is what I go by. With a gun it has to be the biggest deer I've killed. With a bow it needs to be my biggest bow kill or have some irregularity I like. Between me and my dad we have 17 mounts all in one room and I wouldn't trade any of them for the cash. I devote a lot of time and work to this passion of mine and I like the memories there at a glance. Just my 2 cents. Later

  8. :bowdown: yes mount it i would :bowdown:
  9. Life's full of compromise... that's one of mine... she doesn't want dead animals in the house... no big woop!
    By the .02, if you have the cash...mount it... no earned it.
  10. Mount it

    I generally mount every buck that I shoot. If it isn't big enough to mount, I don't shoot. That is a great Indiana 10 point, well worthy of mounting. I have four deer hanging in my family room, 3 eight point('00,'04,'05) bucks, and 1 eleven point('95) buck. I also have a small 6 point mounted(1st deer ever '93), but I have him in the garage for the reason of running out of wall space. My compromise with my wife is that I get the family room for whatever I want to do with it, she gets the rest of the house.
  11. mount him jl !! he'll always be your 1st. p&y buck.
  12. When in doubt cap it out!!!!!!
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    James mount that sucker if you want a taxidermist opinion on what pose pm me.
  14. JL I have two bucks 120+" both were taken with shotgun. I didn't mount either of these. I haven't had any regrets not getting them mounted. I told myself IF I arrow a deer worthy of Pope and Young I would splurg and get it mounted. A bow kill is just more of an acomplishment to me and I think you feel the same with your fine 10pt. Whether you do a mount or plaque the antlers the memories will always be there.