Today, A Milestone

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by cjones46, May 30, 2007.

  1. Today gentlemen we witness history. My 1000th post...
    There have been few times in human history when someone has said so much while still managing to say so little :cheeky-sm

    Thank you to the mods for keeping this site going (even you Pig) and thank you all (even Dean) for making it worth coming back to 128,672 times a day. :fish:

    Maybe sometime in the next 1000 posts I'll come up with something to say that's actually worth hearing...:coco:

  2. No chance. We have to READ them.:biggrin:

  3. Congrats to achieving the next level Jonesy. Now if you could only hunt and fish as well as you spew worthless dribble.:evil:
  4. Congratulations, Mr. Charter Member.
  5. :rant:
  6. I read all your posts with the same general melancholy and bridled enthusiasm Jonesy.

    Congrats buddy.
  7. Congrats...
    I actually delete a few of mine each week just to stay under 800..
  8. get out there and catch some feesh so we can get back into this sportsman challenge!
  9. 1000? Yawn......!!!!:redface:

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  10. These kids, huh?

  11. Sorry to disappoint deano
  12. Congrats Jonesy, just got there a couple days ago myself.....

  13. Another K Clubber...