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todays finds (25th)

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by Morchella Fella, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. You're still finding chanterelles?? Lucky :p

  2. Hey morchella!! i was scouting the other day. on thge side of the road was what looked like a volleyball and just as big. i kicked it and it busted open and was solid and white inside. the skin was white too. do you know what the thing was? and was it edible?
  3. Sounds like a puffball...edible.
  4. puff ball mmmmnmnmnjust kick em to me
    Ron Meyers
    When you cut into a fresh puffball you expect to find a white, marshmallow-like interior. You also expect the mushroom to turn some shade of tan or brown as it ages. Calvatia rubroflava does not fit this pattern. When injured, the flesh will rapidly turn a bright yellow; it is the only puffball to exhibit this characteristic. The white fruiting body will gradually acquire an orange brown color as it ages. As the exterior decomposes to release spores it becomes a very sticky orange mass which stains anything it touches.

    This mushroom was first described from Kansas and is frequently reported here. I first found it growing on a pile of grass clippings in a neighbor’s yard. Like other puffballs, it is considered edible when the spore mass is white. However, it is distinctly unpalatable and the odor of the mature mushroom is very disagreeable.

  5. yeah sounds like a giant puff to me ... i dont like em myself ... but pick em when i have room or feel like takin em out ... give em to friends ... i do enjoy the gem-studded puffs tho .... and yes stump ... im still findin chants .... startin to find hens now .... give it a week or so and i should be cuttin sum .... cut a small one the other day to eat .... may hit a woods in the mornin to see whats up ..... good luck to all ....take care
  6. thanks guys. that's very interesting. how would you prepare that to eat? that was the largest one i've ever seen.
  7. mix it up and try a variety of ways to prepare em .... i KINDA like em battered and deep fried ... but ya can do whatever ya want with em ..... but trust me ...there are lots better tastin shrooms out there right now !
  8. i've never talked to anyone who knows so much about wild mushrooms. how did you learn them? i've been seeing all kinds ofem but don't have a clue.
  9. You can visit my site, there's alot of knowledge floating around in there. Plus I think Morchella Fella can provide just about any info you need to know also.
  10. Ehh? Not this Stump, I'm still learning! You have pics of shrooms I'm not ready to mess with!

    Now wanna talk morels? I know lots about morels :D Or at least how to find them.
  11. findin chanterelles (smooth and common), blewits, hens, spiny, giant, pear, gem-studded puffs, entalomas (aborted/non-aborted), sweets, shaggy manes, chickens, and maybe a few that just dont come to mind right now .... lol .... stump ya pickin like crazy ?