Tomorrow morning?

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by treehugger, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Tomorrow morning...field edge or bedding area? The temps have already started falling here, it's raining, dark clouds, oh yeah HE's going down in the morning!!!
  2. To Windy....They Dont move much in the Wind!!!! Has them on Alert....Stay with Bedding area

  3. They are going to feed all night with the temps falling and the front moving off them... I say hunt the transitions and if you can find an oak tree that is dropping those acorn cause they are going to feed their way back to lay down for an hour or so then they will be back up eating those acorns again... They wont move out to open fields very much with the wind being as bad as they are predicting. Hunt the feed sources close to the bedding... Good Luck
  4. Just so happens the bedding area is right in the midst of some oak trees. It's a nice little transition area between a deep ravine/creek bottom and a soybean field. Poor deer, they don't have a chance tomorrow morning. :dizzy:
  5. I think this morning was the time to be out, before this front moved in. Overcast, light rain, fact saw a nice 8 point walking across the road in front of me this morning about 8:00 am. Saw a doe 1/4 mile further down the road. Good luck tomorrow Randy, and if you get one Dean will come down and take it to a check station for you. Suppose he could do it himself on site since he is a Gander Mountain employee now?
  6. I have started to take vacation days including a 1/2 day tomorrow and all day on Sat. I am hunting a major transition area tomorrow if the wind is right after I leave work at lunch. After I get done hunting tomorrow night, I am heading south to Dubois Co. to try my luck. Hopefully a good report on Monday morning bright and early!
  7. Scott,this morning I ventured out and it looked perfect,nasty day but the deer were moving early. Had a little buck,too dark to see pins, check a scrape near my hickory tree. Was pretty calm,wind wise,but rained the whole time out. Saw 4 other does but no shots.
  8. Man, you just described my bro's honey hole. Cedars coming up from the creek, ending at the fence line on top and opening across the fence into a small oak flat. Sometimes he hunts the cedars and sometimes the oak flat. He's hunted the same spot opening weekend for almost 20 years. He scores opening weekend and then lets others hunt it. He should charge rent for that little patch of woods. Has it all routes and acorns galore.
  9. Think I'm going to be able to take my youngest grandson with me in the morning (if his Mom and Dad agree to let him skip school). He still hasn't tagged a deer with his bow. Maybe that can change in the morning.