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Tonight 4-21

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by rprovines, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. NE Indiana, took the dogs for a quick tour tonight of one of my favorite 'shroom spots. Nada, zilch. Still dry as a popcorn fart. Rained south of us around Ft Wayne last night but missed us. Cooling off now. I'm praying for rain this weekend and then warming up next week.

    \It's going to mess around and be like last year... :mad:
  2. I can't believe it's gonna be as dry as last year. Not two years in a row, and what hurts the most is that the year before they were practically growing out of everyone's ears.

  3. Bingo!! Gettin just what we need right now boys. Then a couple cool days..then some warm ones comin...oooooooooo lookout. Im in noble county myself and im gettin pretty pshyched with this long rain. Now lets just hope the gobblers dont shut up with the cool down. BTW.... 3 blacks and 2 greys found on wednesday by step-father.
  4. Oh yeah! Rained during the night here in northwest Indiana, but cooling down. Next week looks like the start for us. Watch for ticks, (kinda like watch yer topknot or tight lines.) We mushroom hunters gotta get some better sayings.
  5. Getting the moisture but it sure is going to have to warm up- Forecast is 3-5 inches on snow Saturday night.:dizzy:
  6. Talked to a friend in Shelbyville IN this evening. He said he found several in his woods yesterday. This guy is very honest. I trust his info is correct.
  7. :yikes: Winter storm watch? I'm a big fan of cool/cold weather but I mean really, it's time for mushrooms.

    Noble county? Next door in Dekalb. Nice rain eh? If we get that snow that'll add some more good soaking moisture and then when it warms up....
  8. Man that photos what i call "wood" material :bowdown: :tongue: checked a hot spot for greys this after noon nothin yet but cover looks great.