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totals so far

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by pigeonflier, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. In 8 river hunts so far this year with either friends or clients I have taken 41 mallards, 5 woodies, and 5 geese. River was loaded again this weekend. Friday morning we took 3 mallards and 1 goose, Sat was 4 mallards and 1 goose. Had some bad luck with the geese both days. Should have had limits both days but just didnt work out. Had 20 locked on and the flared about 50 yards out. Clouldnt figure out why till I turned around and saw my pup standing behind the boat watching them come in. Oh well she is 9 months now and we are both learning to hunt together. River has been awesome this year so far. Cant wait for some migrants to move.:cwm27:
  2. oud duck seasion dont start till nov 25th. ill be deer hunting. after deer seasion ill take down some ducks. early seasion goose we took 81 geese.

  3. River is still full of locals. No migrants yet, but the locals are still plenty of action. Just have to cruise around the night before and see where they are hanging at. Next morning its on. Watch out for the neighbors, THEY DONT LIKE IT:banghead3 I do push the limits of the law with them a little, but always set up with the wind to shoot down river. Any stray birds have to be let go. Can only shoot birds about 3 feet over the decoys. Makes it a little more challenging.