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Tough weekend?

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by bambicide, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. The new grandbaby and my 2yr old grandson kept me home this weekend but I thought I'd hear more good new from you guys. Some great stories and pics from those who got lucky. Congrats to you and the bird hunters who had some success as well.:) :)
    I know my bro and buddies said it was little slow. They said the deer weren't moving like last weekend. As of yesterday pm, 7 guys and they had 3 does an unimpressive 11 pointer and a spike. No news today, so I'm not expecting any more good news.
  2. Very Slow

    Long weekend of hard hunting...slow is a mild description to say the least. I've never heard so few shots being fired on an opening weekend. I saw a grand total of 3 does, didn't pull the trigger on any of them. One doe was fair sized, the other two were smaller than my dog. My hopes are still high, I have the whole week off to be out there.

  3. Very slow here... Saw one shooter at about thirty yards running off a spike. Did not have a decent shot. Good looking eight, but I've never seen until opening morning. My dad shot a pretty nice 7 pointer, nothing fancy. Just a good sized buck. Only heard minimal shots all weekend. Oh well, you can't rush a good thing! Good luck! We did see a total of 37 deer opening day..... only two had antlers.
  4. I saw more deer last weekend than opening weekend also. Between me and my hunting buddy we saw 9 does and 2 buck opening day. Maybe better luck next weekend.
  5. Almost made it happen this afternoon. Took this morning off to get some rest. Headed out to hunt the rainy afternoon big buck weather. Funny seeing all the hunters headed home on my hour and a half drive to my spot. You could just tell they all hunted this morning and gave up when the rains came. Got in a stand next to some standing beans at 12:30pm, saw a possible shooter at 1pm come into the beans at 100yd to look for does, no shot. At 5pm the big buck parade started along with some chasing of a doe. At 5:30pm the last of 3 nice bucks came out, looked to be a nice wide 10pt with long tines +or-150". He crossed at 250yd, too far. Fun to watch how the big ones move in crappy weather like today, man I thought it was going to happen.
  6. Good luck Eric!!!

    I have a multi-theory on why it's been a little slow this weekend. On Saturday merely 30 some deer were checked in down at GM in Ft. Wayne. And, it wasn't that much heavier yesterday. I feel that the season being a little later in the rut is the main factor in addition to there being a lot of corn up around this area of Indiana. I can honestly tell you that deer were rutting like crazy last week. I'm now seeing the does back with their fawns etc. I'm thinking that many were bred the first two weeks. I'm sure the rut is still underway, but it could be tougher now that the guns have been hammering. So much corn being up gives them plenty of escape cover too. I'm bettin' that muzzleloader will be great this year. If you don't see the shooter you want during firearms, wait until the blackpowder season.

    What is the cornfield situation like elsewhere?
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  7. Majority of the corn is down in the fields here in my region of Vigo and Vermillion counties that I've seen. I think the late gun season has had a major impact on the hunting successes. The weekend of Nov. 11-12 I was seeing a lot of activity like you would on a normal firearms season opener only this year we were still hunting with bows. Don't get me wrong there are still a lot of nice deer being taken as I witnessed yesterday at the Terre Haute Gander Mountain as well as some of the pics posted on here. However, my landowner did not see a single deer while hunting the opener and stayed out until 2:30 before coming back in. That is unheard of on an opening morning there. The action did pickup some yesterday with the nasty drizzly weather we had yesterday morning but still very few shots heard while I was out.
  8. I have now seen 13 different bucks on 3 hunts...........not one has been with a doe or even interested in chasing them.

    The two big ones our management circle has was with does and one was not. The one that was not with does was taken @ 2pm in the afternoon........all by himself.

    Major Rut Action is over.

    If you don't have a better go out and get's gonna be a great year to "late season hunt"....especially if it gets cold and you have food on your property.
  9. Interesting Scarlet. The guys I talked to at Gander Mtn. yesterday all said pretty much the same thing. The bucks were alone and on one of the bigger ones he was traveling with 4 other large bucks.
  10. bucks

    The bucks we saw this past weekend were all solo and not in a hurry or chasing. Most of the does were in groups. Wasn't sure on this piece of property if it was over or hadn't started.
  11. I'll bet there is 500 acres of corn within a 1/2 mile of my woods. Every stud out there is kickin back in it! The big boy I did see was just being territorial with a spike, not chasing the umpteen does that were around. Kind of strange for this time of year, but it's been really wet this fall.
  12. All the crops are out around here and the majority of the fall tillage is done!Still can't buy a deer . I belive the deer numbers are down in tippecanoe county, i have logged in more bow hunting hours this year than ever and cant belive I haven't seen more deer!
  13. I saw a fox, then six does that were bedded, I jumped them up on my way outGot a nice picture on my trail cam of a 9 pointer though.
  14. I saw 3 does opening morning, and Sunday I had a nice 8 pt buck that I totally missed, I don't know what happen to me to miss such a perfect shot :banghead3 , a hour later I had a doe being chased by a small 7pt I ended up shooting him, he only traveled about 30 yards and died, Tha same 8 pt that I missed was with does all last week I saw him 3 different times when I was bowhunting, now it's time to fill all my doe tags.
  15. Just talked to little bro about Sunday's hunt. He had two stands he was considering that are within sight of each other...about 100 yards. Saw 9 does and 2 small bucks that he could have killed...did kill a coyote. The bruiser he has seen a few times was on the trail under the OTHER shot.
    At least some one wasn't sitting in the stand with a camera to rub his nose in it like one of the other threads.