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Tough Year

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Wanatah, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. I've been bow hunting NW IN for about 20 years. I have several nice bucks hanging on the wall and always put enough meat in the freezer to get me through the year. I usally see enough deer to pick and choose what I want. This year was a bust! I saw several yearlings, a fork and a spike. No mature deer crossed my path.

    I've been hunting 180 acres of private property for the last 15 years and know it like the back of my hand. I have 8 stand locations set up in saddles, funnels, major trail intersections & at the edge of crop fields that stay up all year. Nothing, notta, none.

    Unfortunately the land I hunt is supposed to be developed into 115 new home sites starting this year. I'm sure the roads, sewers and amenitys will be going in this year. I dont know if I'll be able to hunt this land ever again. It feels like I'm losing my best friend. Someone I could always rely on, to confide in (the deer woods never give up your secrets) & know everytime we get together a good time is in store.

    I will hate to go back to public land hunting. Kingsbury, Jasper pulaski, Willow Slough, the crowds, the pressure, the tensions, the small deer. It wont be the same, it may not be worth it.

    So, the search is on. I need to secure another piece of private land. It may mean having to pay, for the first time, to ensure I have a place to go to do what I love, being one with nature.

  2. I am VERY sorry to hear about that. Anytime I see prime hunting land turn into a development it always makes me sad.:(

  3. Up in northern ohio they are putting alot of housing developments in and tearing up real nice hunting woods....Im sorry to see that happen...Its too bad:yikes:
  4. Hey there wanatah, i know the feeling. I seen probably 10 or so different bucks this year, none bigger then a 7 point and they all had very small racks. I hunt a very small peice of woods and am lucky to be the only one that hunts it on a regular basis, but I too am looking hard at leasing land for the 05 season. I need to find me a place that I know holds bigger deer, i did my part this year in that i let all those Bucks walk and i took a doe the next to last day of Muzzleloading, but i also did the same thing last year and the year before and i just dont see the type of results im looking for.
  5. Thats to bad Wanatah, but stories like yours are becoming much more common. Hunting land is becoming tougher and tougher to get. Leasing may be the way to go. I hate that its come to that but thats the way its going. I joined a hunt club in Kentucky last year for Turkey season. First time I ever paid to hunt but I was really happy with the way it turned out. You always knew who was there and it was much safer than public ground. Good luck to ya on finding some new ground. hoosierwilk
  6. Wanatah, we are in the same boat. Last year, the 90 acres I learned to walk in, hunting mushrooms with my dad was sold out from under my family to a lumber mill. My family had a "verbal" agreement to buy the land when it came up for sale with the original owners, back when a handshake was all you needed. Too bad for us the owners passed away leaving a bunch of money grubbing family members. We made an offer, and the lumber company had more money. The logger who was hired was family to the original owners....Coincidence, think not. He was a real moron, and cut every tree with 1 foot diameter or bigger. We're talking total clear cut. God Bless The Almighty Dollar!!!
  7. In the last fifteen years, I have lost 1000's of acres because people have passed on, sold the farm, or new members of the family are hunting now. I WISH I had the money to buy my own piece of heaven, but my job doesnt allow me to!!!!!!!!

    Good luck on your finding new land.
  8. Hate to see it

    People gotta have a place to live but they could pick places that are already developed. It's a real shame and I feel for you.
  9. The worst part about it is, we just started getting quality bucks like this one in the area that I hunt. And this was the smaller one I had been watching out of three.