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  1. i am committed to hunt with a recurve this year. since turkey ended i have been shooting around 50 arrows a week. they are quality shots ( taking time and not rushing ). shots are around 10 to 15 arrows. i have dealt with target panic with compound in past and what helped was not shooting to much in each session. with my mathews it seemed the more i shot the worse my panic got. i could not put my pin on target. with my recurve my bow arm gets shakey and to a lesser degree my release fingers (right hand). till 3 nights ago i have been shooting good. help..... shots have been 10 -35 yds:banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3
  2. don't know your age mason....but I found a little jim beam calms the yips.

  3. target panic....


    Shoot the bow! Forget the Matthews and all that posing and trying to be stable, shoot the bow!

    When your fingers touch your cheek...... shoot the bow!

    This aint a pose and grade the shot, shoot the bow.

    You are trying to aim, you aint got sights. Look at a spot and let loose the string.

    Try this....... shoot at a lit cigarette attached to the target in the dark, if you can't hit near it, you are aiming by the arrow or string.

    Relax and shoot the bow, I'm the worlds worst 3D shooter yet kill each critter I pull the string back on........Shoot the bow!!!
  4. There is a good article in the new North American Whitetail magazine about shooting form.
  5. The best advice I can give you on this topic, stop thinking. You are used to shooting the matthews. The best thing you can do for your instinctive shooting is to put the compound away and dont shoot it again till you have finished what you started with the recurve.
    Now target panic and what you are describing are two different things. Target panic is when you try to pull your bow to full draw and never get it there instead you short draw and release an arrow at about 3/4 draw. Your mind is saying shoot shoot shoot, but your body physically is in no position to make an accurate shot. Your mind wins and your body backs down and lets the arrow go. Thats target panic, and it is a biatch to fix once you have it.
    What you are describing seems to be over bowed. You are shooting a bow thats too heavy for you, or you are trying to hold it at full draw way too long. Remember this, your matthews is at least 70% let off. YOu draw it back at 100 pounds for about 25 inches then it rolls over and you are only holding 30 pounds of weight against your wrist (not your fingers). Now think of this with your recurve. It probably says something like 55@28 on one of the limbs. THis means that the minute you start drawing your bow you are adding weight to the fingers. Once you hit 28" inches of draw length it is at 55# no let off. For every inch past that 28 you will begin to increase weight at the rate of 3 pounds per inch. So a 29.5 inch draw length puts you well over 60 pounds of weight against your fingers (not your wrist). Im not hercules, and im assuming you are either since your arms are shaking at full draw. Its a mother to hold that there for very long. A fix for the drawing hand shaking is to get a deeper hook on the string. Im assuming you are using your finger tips to grab and pull the string with. To figure out whats best and the correct form for your drawing hand. Grab a full paint can with our middle three fingers. Let it hang straight down at your side. Find which way of holding is the most comfortable and replicate that on your bow string. I use the first nuckle on my draw hand fingers to grab my string. I used to shoot finger but found going with that deep hook made me a much better shooter and took a lot of the stress off my draw hand. The quality of your shots will come from your release and the drawing hand is very important. If its tense you are not going to get a smooth release and the shot is going to suck.
    To solve your bow arm shaking... There are two ways to cure this... Either get a lighter bow (will cost you money)... Or stop holding the damn thing for so long. When I hit my anchor point I give myself about a second to hold it and get my muscles and alignment where it feels good, then the shot is off. If I have to hold it much more than that Im thinking way too much and the shot is going to be bad. Another example is throwing a baseball.... How many times do you see a pitcher come to the top of his delivery, point his glove at the catcher and just sit there and thinking before he delivers the pitch? NONE, its a mental game. Either you let the arrow go or your mind will start thinking too far right, oopps to far left, up a little, not too much... etc etc.. Then your body starts saying to your mind "Hurry the hell up, up there im getting tired as hell. The mind fires back not yet not yet not yet, and your body says screw ive gotta let it go. Thats where you think you are getting target panic from. Really you are over thinking it and your ball of stress in your release hand isnt helping it either.
    If there is anything else shoot me a PM.... Ill try to help the best I can.

    What weight is the bow you are shooting?
  6. Use to shoot at least 112 arrows a day when I was younger,four arrows x twenty eight targets. This is like anything else in life,if you want to be good you have to practice.Gradually add a few arrows each day.Improves stamina and accuracy .Use to shoot ten feet to eight yards,got to where I could hit the bulls eye almost everytime.
  7. Traditional archery is where you seperate the men from the boys.... I'm still just a boy...!!! I have total respect for you all.