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Trail Camera Contest Favorites??

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. O.K. I used to think that J.L. would have the early nod to win the Trail Cam Contest, but then we discovered (while he was in Canada fishing) that he's been storing a buck in his house..presumably feeding him "steroids" and "flintstone vitamins", etc.

    My new pic. for a No. 3 is our own beloved "bear", Randy "Treehogger" Willis. Here's why. We've all seen what kind of bucks are running his place...and quite frankly, if they're that easy to shoot, just think of what the unmanned camera can do there.

    My new early darkhorse pick for a second place is Scarlet Dew. Here's why...everyone knows the Dew has some nice bucks around his property, and has several cameras out in good spots. I like Red for a solid second place finish

    My unadulterated, unbiased, and un arrogant pick for Numero "Yours truly" will absolutely dominate the competition in the upcoming trail camera contest...come on people Do you really think you've got a chance? But, hey, thanks for the money and the prizes, O.K.!!!:evilsmile :corkysm55 :evil: :coolgleam !!!!!

    That's what I'm talking about......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. uh, I think I might have a chance

    I hate to ruin the party for treehogger, dew, and Dean, but, you boys ain't seen the quality of bigguns I am about to put on display. OH, you didn't KNOW!!!


  3. :biggrin: !!!!

    Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck,nyuck!!!!!!!!!
  4. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Maybe i should start posting a few pics from the past few years so you can see what your up against. This is not a fishing contest GIRLS, so dont get your hope up. :evilsmile
  5. Oh, yeah??? Well, this is the deer I shot last year...I call him "the boss," so get ready to lose, suckers!

  6. scratchin' my head...

    James, seems like I've seen that critter somewhere before. Maybe what you're feeding the button buck in your basement is really working!!!...or...gee, kinda looks like Bruce.

    Maybe the museum guys is right...they can reach 160 in a year:bonk:
  7. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    James, that is a great buck, i am an outdoor writer here in Indiana and would love to come down and do a story on him to be published sometime in late Nov. If interested give me a call :biggrin:
  8. WOW James I think we have two winner in th contest so each of you get to keep the deer a week at a time.
  9. Article

    Damn missed out on an apportunity for an article on a magnificent deer kill. It wouldn't be ethical now to ask James to let you do the article.

    You going to Hagerstown Sunday afternoon?

  10. That's a crappy mount JL...what's wrong with his nose...Deer Cocaine? He does look a lot like the deer I have...why didn't you show it to us before now? I know, you wanted to bring it out of the wood work and get all the publicity to yourself after all the other big ones have been seen. Watch out, Dean will be trying to get in good with you, you'll think he wants to do a story on it but really he just wants to end up in your stand this deer season...BEWARE!!!
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  11. eat it up tree. Woman want you men want to be you. At what point does the blue nose deer envy stop. I've seen enough of this monster... How special is it really, the guy who shot it gave his story to an amateur writer to be published in some no name shoestring budget magazine.
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  12. I've got more pics that nobody has seen yet...sounds like you want me to post them that what you are saying??? :cwm27:
  13. oh why not lets see them... I am getting pumped for the start we are under 90 days and I bought a new target last night at gander mountain. I got a block target for 44.95 because there was one that was mismarked. Im gonna start shooting a bunch this weekend. Maybe Ill print a picture off of the beast and shoot at its kill zone for practice that way i dont get rattled when the 130-140's come in...
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  14. I won't do that to you, or anybody else on here, at least not right now....You wouldn't believe it though...I get requests, almost every other day from guys on here wanting to see pics of that thing. JL, 410, Quail, oldrookie, Hickory Nut, HuntinIN, Scarlet Dew, and yes...Dean is the worst. I've had to change my home tel. # 3 times since last November and had to change cell service companies twice because of him. I can almost see now why the Morgantown buck went for a truck and 4 wheeler...Has anybody heard what that thing scored's about time to resurrect that question again since we are heading towards deer season don't you think?
  15. Tired!!!!!

    Buckmasters is no no-name, shoestring budget magazine, AND Randy isn't quite an amatuer writer..any longer. I'm very tired of all the hubbub of Bruce, etc. etc.

    .............Aw, who am I kiddin'...let's see the unseen pictures of "The Boss" Randall...Who else wants to see the buck to beat in 2006. Let's face it, besides Reloader's, Randy's buck is the biggest of any one of us who comes to the site regularly...LET'S SEE IT AGAIN TREEHOGGER!!!!!!!!!
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