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Trail Camera Pictures...

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by hunter47331, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. I didn't see a common thread where everyone posts trail camera pictures... so I'll post one here. My Wildview cheapo doesn't take high resolution images, but every once in awhile I get a neat one. The picture below is probably one of the best I have gotten from it. I usually get deer a$$ or other cropped images. Not a big buck, but a pretty neat lookin guy...!!! Anyone else getting some cool pictures...???

  2. Good idea starting a thread.

    I've still got to get my camera out. I'll probably put it out this Saturday while doing a little more chuck hunting.

  3. fullrut

    fullrut Guest

    that is a very good picture, even looks like a deerfly on his backside.
  4. I've got a wildview also and I know what you mean about getting pics of a deers rear. They do take pretty good pics for the money though.
  5. For tips on setting up trail cameras, there is a great article in the new August 2007 issue of North American Whitetail.
  6. Menards had the Wildviews on clearance last winter. January I picked one up for $40. Probably taken close to 800 pictures with it so for. I have found if you position it with the deer waking towards it rather than by it then it does pretty well. I'll trying posting a picture later.

    What is the code for posting pictures?
    Is it [​IMG]
    I tried that and it does work.
    I did the button too, one with mountain and sun. I get an error that message is to short.
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  7. More Trail Cam Pictures

    I have gotten quite a few decent pictures recently on my cameras. Mostly does but a few bucks. Here are the larger ones. The bottom photo is from a Wildview, taken around the 3rd or 4th week of June. Cheap camera, decent photos, no time and date. Hope to see them growing, will probably get out and check this weekend. INHUNTIN


  8. Hoosier,
    You must go to (or some other photo website) and register and upload your photos and get a URL to be able to paste into the line when you click the yellow/mountain icon "insert image". That is the only way I have found to do it. INHUNTIN

    That's what I did. The picture posting procedure here is no different than most of the other site. Just having my trouble here.

    Something weird going on here. Most of the time when I type I get that error the the message is too short and needs to be more than 3 characters.
  10. Here's a goodun off my Wildview taken on July 4th


  11. bet he on the hit list :evil: :evilsmile
  12. Here are a couple from the first week my camera was out. Just picked these two because I thought they were pretty cool. Bunch of does and younger bucks on camera in one week.

    All alone.


    Give this one at least one more year and he'll be pretty decent.

  13. More Wildview Photos from this weekend.

    Glad to see these today. Had to be some time this week. I have the cheap camera, no date. Glad to see all daytime. Probably going to leave this place alone for a few months.



  14. Nice Picture Hoosier

    Hoosier, glad to see you got the pix to work. He's nice