Trail Camera Questions

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by TC Deer Slayer, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. My father and I just purchased our first trail camera, and we were wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions from personal experience on where to mount it, what security measures need to be taken, etc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. You should get tons of advise here. But do yourself a favor and pick up the current August 2007 issue of North American Whitetail. There is a great article in there on trail cameras, set ups, and security.

    Welcome to the site by the way. Be sure to fill out your profile and hang out with us.

  3. If it doesn't come with a means to lock it to the tree, you can do what I did. a couple "U" bolts, some caulk and a drill....



    A nice steel cored bicycle lock, and you're set. Just make sure where you plan on attaching the bolts won't interfere with any of the components on the inside.
  4. I actually don't understand the security thing... I mean unless you weld a heavy lock box to fit around it, can't they just rip the U-Bolts out...??? My camera has molded plastic tabs to secure the case closed. They would break with one good whack. This is also why I would be leary about buying nicer cameras.

    stallion... very innovative though.
  5. The Leaf Rivers are very secure, with a metal back plate to be cable locked to the tree and a bar that you can pad lock over the face. I feel as secure about mine as I can be. But let's be honest, any thief who wants to can simply cut the locks and walk off with it. Or a pissed trespasser can smash the camera and leave it in place. There is an obvious risk to having any camera out there, inexpensive or high dollar.:(
  6. Absolutely...but at that point, the housing is broken, and the camera is completely useless anway.

    Like Derek mentioned, if they are just hell bent on destroying/stealing the camera, they will do anything regardless.

    My intent is just to keep some guy who happens to be strolling through my woods and see a camera that has NO protection from taking it without somewhat of a hastle.
  7. Thanks for all of the ideas.

    Keep 'em comin'
    1. Mount it facing north or south to avoid sunrise and sunsets.
    2. If it has a slower than 2 second trigger time be sure and postion it up a trail rather than 90 degreed to a trail.
    3. Set it and forget it! (try and leave it for atleast a week if not two)
    4. Lastly the obvious....put it wear deer are traveling.
    You will find it a very fun hobby. has a ton of info on trail cams to help you out. Good luck!