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Trail Cameras...

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, May 23, 2006.

  1. Anyone have their trail cameras out in the woods right now capturing shots of bachelor groups, does with fawns, etc.? I put the Stealthcam back out at John's the other day. Hoping to catch some sweet shots of some bachelor groups. I've noticed pictures elsewhere of buck's antlers starting to branch off of the brow tines.....

    Post pictures on this thread....
  2. Dean I have had mind out for about two weeks now, just no buck yets, going to change areas this weekend.

  3. My trail cameras will not be going out till August................Video camera goes out the last week in July and all through August.....hoping to get a ton of footage this year. At the end of August.......all 5 cameras go out till the end of January.

    Just TONS of fun!! :coolgleam

    I say we have a "Big Buck Contest" with our cameras.........would be a hoot......cost a Buck ($1) to enter.........someone keeps the loot and hands it out to the winner come Christmas, or somethin' like that. I think we'd have some fun!! :coolgleam
  4. Scarlet Dew...sounds like a great idea. Will be neat just to see all the deer photos in the wild. I do have one request though...when determining the biggest buck, make sure we don't have Dean scoring them...he only scored one deer at the Indy show this year and I would prefer to have someone with some experience doing it.

  5. OUCH LOL !!
  6. I don't use trail cams, so...I'd be a good person to hold the money for you...besides I have a honest face:coolgleam .
  7. mine out 1st of August

    I'll be up for the contest. Put out 3 cams at start of August, guess Dean will have to be the judge... Damn, have you guys seen the Ebuckmail cam and site? I might have me one of them shortly, kinda expensive, but wow would it be handy!

  8. :chicken:!!!! Thanks Randy...Quail...Honest face? Whatever....:cheeky-sm!!!!
  9. far we have in the Big Buck camera contest for our site......

    **Dean "The Center-fold" Weimer
    **James Lyon "The Cannon" from the north
    **HuntinIN "Snapshot"
    **"Kodak Moment" Treehugger
    **"Scrap-book" Scarlet Dew

    (notice how I combined the best of "camera lingo" with your cyber names) :coolgleam

    We got 5 in so far?????

    Who's next?

    Quail.............where should we send the $1 dollar an address for us??

    How 'bout we get the pot together by July 1st............Official pics for the contest start August 1st - December 31st 2006? And noooooo posting your buddies pics and no posting pics from other sites like "Stealth Cams". Honor system will be fully intact. If caught cheating or "up to no good"............."The Center-fold" becomes your middle name for the next year!!! :evilsmile .......or we could just call you "Skank". :evilsmile

    Sound like a plan??

    This could be a ball!! :coolgleam
  10. no posting regular digital pics

    Do we allow pics from the truck window? I think not, only pics from placed activated cameras in our hunting areas. Honor system good with this group, I think most of us are pretty straigt up, well, except for Dean.

  11. I agree with Eric...only REAL trailcam pics. allowed. With that being said, I have had my cams out for the last two weeks and got a picture of this bachelor group of nice bucks.

  12. [​IMG]

    Here's one from my trail cam...nice rack already and in full velvet. Get your money out suckaaaa's!!!
  13. Foul...foul...foul....

    Hey, I thought Mitch took that photo up in MI somewhere!!!
  14. True, Mitch did take a picture of a big buck that looks very similar to this one but his was fake...unlike this one that is legit. I know people will probably try to pass off fake bucks in this contest but rest assured it will not happen from me.