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Trail Cameras

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by anon782010, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. I'm seriously considering breaking down and spending the money on a trail camera, my biggest question going forward is, has anyone encountered any issues of spooked deer with the flash unit, do they get any more skittish with the flash, does it just depend on where they are getting flashed at?
  2. the flash has been a question with the camera's for a while now. 2 yrs. ago i had a pic of a nice buck not long after day break and the next pic of him he was running away. i'm pretty sure it was the flash. but others it didn't seem to bother. i didn't use it much this year i still need to turn in the film. i think there is a time just at daybreak before it gets light but just enough darkness to make the flash still come on it might make the bucks jumpy but it doesn't appear to bother them at night. i'm no expert some of these other guys could probably provide you with more knowlege about it. i would recommend you getting a digital if you get one. my next one will be. if you have the time they are a hoot.

  3. I was planning on going digital since i will just be using it on my home property and i could go switch out the memory card and have the results right away, so that is definitly the route I am planning on going, thanks scrape
  4. trent let me know when you get that setup so I can stand in front of it waving my hands back and forth till the battery dies hahahaha. you know you'd love to have a memory full of my smiling face haha. I mean...let me know how that works for ya...
  5. It totally depends on the deer. Some deer may some deer might not. A mature buck is obviously a lot more aware of his surroundings and get skiddish easily while a doe or young buck may pay no attention to it. So if your looking for a yes or no answer stop looking because there isnt one.
  6. Not looking for a yes or no...just looking for opinions of real life people that have had experiences
  7. Hey Marsh I have put out a cam for the last three years. I have not had any problems that I know of with the flash. Had set the cam for one min. picture and the buck stood there and ate soybeans for about a half hour and I got 29 pictures of him and then he was back day after day. Hope this helps
  8. I've been using a Leaf River digital for 3 years now. I've got TONS of pictures both day and night of everything from small deer to some absolute pigs. To my knowledge, the flash has not bothered them. That is not to say that it doesn't though. After all, I'm not there in the woods to see their after photo reaction. But I do get repeated shots of deer, so my guess is that in general, no the flash does not bother them too badly.
  9. We've been using Moultie game cameras for the last few years. The 6 volt batteries don't like to hold a charge in the cold weather very good though. So this year we picked up some rechargable 6volts. Got several nice pics off of them. Of 5-6 book bucks. In my opinion the flash doesn't bother them much.. no worse than lightning in a storm.
  10. Definitely go digital. I've got 4 35mm film cams. It's a hassle to mess with the film, getting it developed/cost, etc. I don't have the answer to your flash question but wanted to give my input on the digital cam even though I don't have one myself.
  11. I used 410's camera this year during the last week of bow. I put up the camera and then climbed into a treestand and hunted. At dark a deer came up the trail and was flashed by the camera. It jumped and trotted off about 10 yards. It stood there for about a minute and then trotted back up the trail the way it had came from. It was in a staging area, getting ready to enter my food plot about 30 yards from the edge of the field. The deer went back the way it had come so I would day it spooked. There was another deer out in the field, it never seemed to notice, but it was 30 yards away.
  12. I have pictures of bucks turning from the camera as if running away after beeing spooked by the flash.

    But then I'll have that same buck's picture a few days later on the same trail unphased by the flash.

    So in my opinion it may spook them initially, but not enough to make them change their habits.
  13. Put the camera up as high as you can reach facing a slight angle downward. I like this for three reasons 1) doesn't blind the deer with the flash 2) They don't see where the flash came from 3) Most digital trail cams like mine (Wildview) have weak flashes. By facing it downward the flash is soley used on where the deer is standing.

    Give it a try.
  14. Great information fellas, Thanks!