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Trail cameras

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by commando, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. A couple pictures from some of the trail cams I have made.
  2. Sweet!!!!!!! Now let's see some pics from those cameras!

  3. Ok a few.
    Hen in the back yard on a test setup.
    couple fawns
    chuck under the shed
    A bat and buck in same pic.
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  4. Nice!!!!!!! I like the whistle pig! You actually put them together yourself?????
  5. Yep its real easy after the first.You buy the controller board and hack the camera.Then its just a matter of putting it all together.
  6. Nice job Commando...they look great.

    Mind my asking about how much $ is wrapped up in something like that?
  7. Those are awesome! I've long thought about building my own cameras. I've done a lot of reading on the net, and it doesn't look that bad to do. But something about just tearing into a digital camera keeps me from making the leap. But ... since you are located close, I just might have to pay you a visit to see how one is done first hand.:biggrin:

    Good photos! Please share more info about the cameras you've built. Sonys? Did you buy board kits? Where to get the parts? Etc.?
  8. Dec,
    I too have researched building homebrews one and I am waiting on the 2007 Moultries to come out. Supposedly they have things right this year. 4.0mp, 1 sec trigger time for just over $100! Here is a link to there 2007 line up YOu will have atleast $200 in a homebrew that has no warranty or can never be returned. I do like the aspect of being able to build your own and tweak it but from a cost standpoint the '07 Moultries look to be the hot ticket. Can't wait to try on out.
  9. I'll buy a Moultrie if they come out with a decent camera for the money. I've got buddies that have the $100 model from two years ago and then last years model and they have had nothing but problems with them.

    I have a Leaf River digital that is now going into it's 4th season and I've never had a problem with, but hanging $300 or so on the side of a tree gets expensive fast. A quality $100 digital would be the ticket and I'd own 3 or 4 of them.

    Sorry for the hijack Cammando ... you've made one awesome camera!
  10. chris what would you sell one of those to your old hunting buddy for , or i could just do all your testing for you lol ?????
  11. Derek...I paid just over $125 for my Moultrie, and I haven't had any issues with it. Bought a rechargeable lantern battery and the thing can stay out in the woods for over a month. (I don't have the patience to leave it out there that long though).

    If you want to borrow it for a "test run" let me know.

    Only downside is trigger speed could be faster, but it sounds like they may have that worked out.
  12. That's sweet!!!!!!!! Do you live in Waterloo????? My brother lives at Cedar Lake, just west of ya.......
  13. ever goose hunt there crooked , i used to years ago always did pretty well, some giant bass in there also, let me know maybe we can meet up there and do some fishing!!!!!
  14. See what SideSlapper started???? Once again the Cadman team with taking the competition out.:eek:
  15. Yeah, I fish there alot..... never goose hunted there, but they seem to hang out on the gravel pit right there! Definitely have to hook up and go fishin"!