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Trail Creek

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by pigeonflier, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Worked on a house in Michigan City today. During luch drove over to take a peek in Trail Creek. Looked around for 10 mins, saw 1 steelhead moving up. Water was a little murky and couldnt see that well. Saw a couple others turning the water. Made me want to stay and not go back to work.:banghead3
  2. With these nights turning cool, it won't be long until Trail Creek starts to boil... Can you say "FISH-ON!":bouncy:

  3. Pigeon you were in Michigan City and you didnt even let me know... Im very dissappointed. You know chesterton is only ten minutes away from there and I have fishing poles... Heck we could have shot some decoys in my back yard when you got done with work. I need the practice if Im going to be shooting these babies out of the air in a few weeks.
  4. When do the steelhead start there run? I have never steelhead fish so I am just asking