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Trail or Johnson creeks in Michigan city

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by tilesetter, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Went fishing in late june or early july several years ago, and if I remember right we fished with flies and caught skamini.But has anyone got any information on fishing these creeks this time of year,or maybe into jan-march? What kind of bait is best? I have heard anything from colored marshmellows,nightcrawlers, flies and egg sacks. Im a pond and small lake fisherman so any advice would greatly be appreciated.Thanks!
  2. Trail Creek

    I'm a walleye fisherman, but I fished Trail Creek a few years ago. I was using a white lead head jig with a white body because my buddy suckered me into believing that walleyes would be there (which they could have been). Long story short, I caught a nice brown trout on the jig. I've also caught steelhead on ST. Joe River with lead heads fishing for walleye. They're a ball to catch.
    Most of the guys were using crawlers and skane (eggs). This was in March of that year. It was neat because ice was moving into shore. You could see small Ice clusters floating all over the place. I think you could go there about anytime and catch them, but I don't know this for a fact. I'll talk to my buddies who do the salmon/trout thing and hopefully have more info. for you.

  3. Thanks Dean any info would be helpful, with gas prices the way they are not getting skunked would help ease the pain!
  4. There is steelhead lurking almost year round in the creeks and rivers. Just not big concentrations like spring and fall. Best chance is with spawn sacks from last falls salmon. In the spring will be another big run. Trail Creek has about 4 good public access. Any will do good. Just have to work a little harder for them this time of year.
  5. Salmon and Trout

    :fish: I wonder if there is a calender to tell the best times to find salmon at certain ladders, or atleast a calender to tell best times for salmon/trout runs....whom now i gotta google lol. :fish2:
  6. I think Trail creek salmon are out of season for certain periods? Don't know when.