Trapping Poll, please vote

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  1. There is a poll with some heated comments in a Maine newspaper. Please read it and vote to support trapping. It doesn't matter what part of the country trappers are being attacked. We all need to show our support.

  2. I think it is very regretable that a protected species could get caught in a trap, but a protected species can range over a very wide area. If something like this were to pass, it could effectivley ban trapping in almost any area. Looks like another animal rights group jumping on the bandwagon to further their cause.
  3. people without knowlege is dangerous

    two years ago a redtail hawk had found its way into my set. took off my coat covered its head and released it unharmed. same redtail then benefitted from my trapping and ate of my carcus pile all winter. incidental catches are not that large of a problem. when i find dogs or cats using the area i pull my traps and leave.
  4. thanks for helping out with this guys

    I think it is rigged
    evertime I check we go up and they go up about the same?
  5. i just gave my 2cents!