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Trash talkin' ......

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Dean Weimer, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. O.K. This isn't tackle's trash talk.....I got the idea for this one after Quail dissed me and my mom earlier....and then I paid him back. Steve, please don't ban's all in good fun. Has anyone seen the show, "Your Momma!!!!" hosted by Wilmer Velderamma (something like that....he's the hispanic dude on That 70s Show)?

    Anyways...people trade barbs back and forth for cash (only in America).

    We're gonna spice this thing up a bit.....Let's hear your best Your Mommas you've ever heard.

    My favorite was from Jim Brewer about 10 years ago....right when he became famous....

    "Your Momma's so fat, she had to quit wearing her Malcom X jacket because the Emergency Helicoptor kept landing on her back!":yikes: !!!!!
  2. yo momma so fat she got her own zip code :bowdown:

  3. Rowdy


    your mommas got a wooden leg and a kick stand

    your mommas so fat it takes a bag of flour and an imagination to find the wet spot

    your mommas so imoral she slept with Jimmy Houston

    your mommas so fat she started a fire wearing corderoy pants, (rub, rub, rub)
  4. you mommas so ugly she has to wear a porkchop around her neck to get the dog to be around her.
  5. Your momma's so ugly when she was born the doctor not only smacked her but also your grandma and grandpa!!!
  6. your momma is so ugly that it takes two wal-mart bags over her head when she goes to bed at night.
  7. Your momma's so ugly I thought she was your daddy!
  8. Your momma's teeth are so yellow, that she spits out butter......
  9. And the winner is...

    Your Momma made a Dean!
  10. one for the ages

    Your momma's breasts sag so much when she bends over it looks like a table.
  11. 10.5:biggrin:
  12. yo mama's so fat she swam lake erie and had to make 3 trips.
  13. Your momma's so ugly she had to pay somebody to make you!