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Tred Barta "Wanna Be" Builds anti OBR- AK'47 Knife

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by trdtnlbwhntr, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. ahahahah yeah that got your attention didnt it.

    I thought some of you would like the title. Anywho i was telling a few of you about my first endeavor in building a knife.. its not a build along because i really dont want to do one until i know what i am doing for sure. so for now you can check out pics and what not as it takes shape.

    I found a small 4pt shed the other day while out rabbit hunting and decided why not try to make a cool little knife out of it. I ordered the blade and the wood chunks from a friend in the UK. and they just came in the mail today... So without delay i cut the antler burr of the shed and started drilling it to get it to fit properly on the tang of the blade. (The tang is the part that runs through the handle) This will be a stacked handle blade. This means the parts of the handle are stacked on a tang and not pinned to the side like most of your steak knives in the kitchen. Anywho after the fit was secured I decided to toss it together to get a quick picture before i glued it up.. ill show you a pic after i get the handle formed this weekend or so..



    Now im gonna go catch some big eye tuna so i can be like tred barta??
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  2. Cool man....look at that mean guard dog in the background..

  3. Is it just me, or is your dog slanted?:dizzy:
  4. walmart has knives on sale
  5. That handle doesn't look very comfortable to hold.
  6. Dont worry tree its gonna look better when its all finished up
  7. Alright its getting closer and closer to being finished. I did all the shaping by hand with a 4 in 1 wood rasp. Took a while but it looks pretty good. I havent sealed it or finished it yet but this is what it looks like before its gotten all prettified up and stuff.




  8. Fantastic Tradbow! A true work of art!

  9. Ok, I'm convinced. I'll get some bones gathered up and sent to you so you can start on mine.

  10. Looking very sharp Trdt. ;) Nice work indeed .
  11. Not gonna find one like that at Wal-mart. Nice job for a Tred Barta wannabee basket weaver. ;) I like it Dustin.

  12. Thanks for all the compliments guys. Tree get your stuff around we will pick out a blade design and get a price written up.
    Ed im gonna need some advice on finishes.. so ill be in touch..
    thanks again guys.
  13. You are one crafty dude Trdtn!
  14. PRICE??? PRICE??? :yikes: What the....