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Tred Barta

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by tgep64, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Maybe this one will work. I've tried before to say what a sorry excuse this man is for a sportsman, let alone someone you would actually watch long eneough to finish a whole beer. C'mon, you guys... I can't be the only one who thinks this guy is a complete ass and the epitimy of what we DON'T whant our kids to grow up as. I've tried every site involved with this mans name to voice my opinion, and for some "strange" reason, it's very hard to contact "Ol' Tred". But I guess if I had an angry old woman after my ass because I was a total fraud, I'd hide too. I know this message won't reach old Tred, but maybe someone with balls bigger than Treds (that would be anything bigger than a FULL GROWN field mouse) might tell me how I could get a message to Mr. Tred Barta. Your help and or opinions are greatly appreciated. Yours too, Ted. (Sorry...T.R.E.D.)
  2. huh?

    Though I whole heartedly agree with your assessment of Tred. This is an odd first post, did he knock up your daughter or something?

  3. The only complaint I have about tred is that he almost puked on time when skinning a hog. I think that there are alot worse people out in the world representing hunting on tv then tred, Out of most of the hunting shows on tv today his is one of my top 5. At least he's not 400 yards away hitting something with a rifle all the time.
  4. i agree about tred...watched him stab a pig once, couldnt stand him before that but that was a bit much.

    i would say, just, ummm, deal with it...and move on...maybe seek counciling?
  5. :yeahthat:
  6. Aww..Come on guys he does things the hard way. Wait, did I say hard way? I meant the retard way.
  7. Hey im accused of being a Tred Barta wanna be...
    The guy is a little hard core.. I know personally that he is a fraud and lies to his customers and viewers, but he does tote a longbow and that gives him a little credit by me. But yes he is a little odd.. The pig stabbing episode was strange for sure. Ill agree with you on that one too... but the best one ive seen him do is the Moose Hunt. Five steps with a bull moose. I enjoyed that show a lot.
  8. Sometimes I think he's off his meds :coco: