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Treehugger Blues

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by Bocephus, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. After months of hunting and scouting for deer in the Indiana woods, Treehugger was letting his hygene go a bit. His hair was long, beard was really bushy and he always seemed to smell like doe pee. Well, this didnt set well with Huggers wife, she hated it...all scruffy and smelly, and half the time drunk. After a long days hunt and about 4 hours at the bar, Hugger saw himself in the bar mirror. He thought to himself...I do look bad. So he goes and gets him some new clothes, a shave, haircut and bath. Now hes ready to surprise his wife. He gets home around 9:00 and shes in the bed, he sneaks in and gets in the bed with her. In the darkness she rubs his face and smells his neck.
    "Mmmmmmmmm, you smell good, but if you want any of this tonight you better hurry. My husband will be home in about an hour.

  2. I didn't want to believe it when others tried to convince me...BO, it's true isn't it...YOU really are Hickory Nut aren't you??? And it was YOU that cooked up that "Hickory Nut is dead scam"...and YOU are still on here as BO but "Hickory Nut" got kicked off the site...very clever my friend.....don't look now but dnrlawman is in your rearview mirror just waiting for you to slip up. :cwm27:
  3. .....just like Superman and Clark Kent...have you ever seen BO and Hickory Nut in the same place at the same time??? Think about it!!! :coco:
  4. Hickory Nutcase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bo has Hickory Nuts????????? Wha????????
  5. So is Bo's avatar Hickorynut? And Hickorynuts pictures in the gallery Bo's?:biggrin:
  6. I'm lost, I thought Bo was the dude pictured in the bigfoot thread.
  7. Bocephus IS Bigfoot!!!?????

    He has since shaved though Quail...Maybe that is what threw you off.........:cool: