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  1. I have seen a bunch of people talking about sitting all day on stand. Just wondering what treestands everyone is using and how many each of you plan on setting up this august and september. Whats important (other than the obvious safety) in a treestand. What do you look for? Lets get some good feedback on the various brands, types, and styles.
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    i make my own stands out of wood. as far as safty i use a safty harness i will set in a tree stand long enough to get a deer or two then i'm done.

  3. I have a Hunter's View ladder stand, a Hunter's View Buddy Stand, and my mainstay is the Lone Wolf Sit and Climb. The Lone Wolf is the only climber I have ever owned, purchased it last year, and the only one I have ever used. It is very lightweight, packs down nicely, and is easy to carry. I am making 1 modification to it before this season and that is to the seat. It currently has a sling type seat on it. With the bulky clothes sometimes required for hunting it can be difficult to sit/stand easily/quietly with that type of seat. I am changing it out for a flat seat that does not require you to sit down into it. Other than that I love it. It is easy to climb up and down with it and is easy to find trees to put it on. It is very quiet to climb with and the base is made of cast aluminum. There is no clanging or squeaking with this stand. I can sit or stand in it all day and not get tired. It put me in places I could not hunt with a ladder stand. I will most likely be putting up both ladder stands this season as backups and also using the climber the majority of the time. I purchased the buddy stand so my daughter and I could hunt out of it together.
  4. I've got a hoard of treestands that I still hunt from. I'll probably hang six or seven in my lease area, and I'll hang two in my secondary spot. I'll also bounce around in my climber in both areas. I've got some old Lock-On stands that are still in really good shape, although they're pretty small fixed-position stands. River's Edge's Bigfoot XL is a pretty nice stand. I also hunted out of the Lite Foot last year and was very comfortable. For me, a footrest is essential in staying comfortable in a stand for long periods of time. If your stand doesn't come with one, they aren't that hard to make...a couple of pieces of aluminum square tubing and some nuts/bolts and you're in.
  5. summit viper is one of the best:bowdown: .I got tired of them not being there when i went to get in them so i pack it in and pack it out .all so have a tree lounge is nice but only if you are a big guy or gall,if you are short your feet will just hang and not hit the plat form and will go to sleep, it is for sale if interested only used once.
  6. I use a ladder stand in both Kentucky and here in Indiana, and I set them up around the middle of October, for firearm season.
  8. summit viper.ive set in it from dawn to dusk before
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    I have 2 Hunters View stands. One chain on and one buddy stand. All though I never intend on staying there all day, thay are good stands for a smaller price. My 12yr old son loves hunting with me in the buddy stand. I think everybody has a different comfort zone. All stands have their good and bad sides. What matters most is that thay help us get the deer.
  10. for a climber i love my summit. very comfertable safe and durable. with the new adjustable foot holds it's even better. very lite packs in and out easy. if you decide to leave it it's not real noticeable at all. but i haven't tried them all. i love the foot rest. and the seat is adjustable. the only draw back to a climber that i have found is that at times there's just not the right kind of trees to climb where i want to hunt. so i'm getting a ladder stand too.
  11. I built all my ladder stand and then I also use a climbing stand.
  12. I have two API climbers the grandslams one mag. and one lite, one baby grand, and two ladders one single and one buddy. The wife don't like me to make my stands anymore gives her peice of mind i guess.
  13. Make all my own. That way I find out the hard way just how good of welder I am. Adds to the exictment of not seeing deer all day. Its okay though, I don't like heights so I am not in the 30 foot tall category of stand placement like the rest of you. In fact in most places I hunt its hard to find a tree 30 foot tall.
  14. Do I detect a twing of anymosity towards the "rest of us"? Besides, Junior, I go all the way upto 40 feet in the trees. This is the way to shoot those big 286 pound dressed monster 3 pointers.
  15. yeah then you wake up with an IV in you and all kinds of beeps and blips around you with a nurse that looks like Burt Reynolds telling you that you need to eat your jello.... When you ask what happened he tells you that you fell, apparently you passed out because the air clear up there 40 feet in a tree was too thin to sustain life. You reached the end of your safety rope and your stealthly 210-250 was too much for it to bear. Lucky for you, everyone in the surrounding country heard you screaming like a little girl before you fell because you just realized that the massive 3 point scoring 157 7/8 had to have at least weighed 500 pounds on the hoof. Apparently the neighbor heard you screaming "Im going to disney land", " Disney Land"