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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by 410, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Everyone knows that I have a small business, which I sell Vitamins and Minerals for livestock and wildlife (deer). Well I am leaving tomorrow morning to Tyrone PA. I will be going to a place call Quest Haven Lodge and Walks Premiere Whitetails, check it out Planning on taking pictures. Have any of the you been to a hunting lodge, please tell us about it. Or if you planning on going to a hunting or fishing lodge tell us about it too.
  2. Looks like a fun trip. Take lots of pictures. Did you pre-order your gill meals?

    I've been on a few out of state hunts. None of which have had a lodge. Let's see, accommodations have been 5 nights in a luxurious Coleman tent in the swamps of the Everglades, 7 nights in a 16' long cargo trailer in Texas a couple times, and 8 nights the back of my Suburban in Saskatchewan. That's about as fancy as I get. No room service, no cozy bed, no fancy meals. Just a lot of getting back to nature and killing stuff.:coolgleam

    Actually, no hunting trips planned for this year. I volunteered to give up a 2007 hunting trip for a trip to Disney World with the kids when school gets out.:coolgleam

  3. I've been on trips here 2 times. Stayed at an outpost camp on N. Wholdaia Lake both times. Absolutely marvelous!

    I've been to Reelfoot lake 2 times and stayed at the Blue Bank Resort. Real nice place right on the water. Fishing wasn't too great. Both times we went in April and the weather sucked.

    Went to Kentucky Lake in mid-September one year and stayed at the Shawnee Bay Resort. Nice place and the fishing was pretty good too.
  5. This year i have planned a hunting trip for Turkey down in Kentucky.
    A bear hunt in Canada in Late August.
    And a honeymoon in St Lucias in the bahamas.

    ah priorities ....
  6. Trips? Where you taking me 410? Some special lake loaded with 'eyes I hope.
  7. We take the family to Camp Liberty Resorts, near Park Rapids MN.

    Cabins, no lodge.

    Excellent fishing, lots of sights and shopping and a Paul Bunyon statue in every little town!

    Can't post a link, but PM me if you want.
  8. I Have Been To Wyoming For Mule Deer & Antelope Stayed In Motorhome, Been To Northern Quebec Twice,caribuo Hunting Stayed In Outfitter Tents, Been To Idaho One Time Elk Hunting Stayed In Blm Cabin All Great Trips Cant Wait To Take My Son On One!!!!
  9. well lets see...
    I've slept in the back of a ford explorer a few times on the way to eerie
    been to lagrange county a few times, great hunting but the sights are pretty similar to what i see at home...:bash:
    had a few guided hunts in wolf lake, nice place but the guide was a turd (right marsh?) :evilsmile:evilsmile

    even slept on an air matress at my parents house before fishing the st. joe river

    yup, i've done it all...please try to contain your jealousy :evil:
  10. I have been to Colorado elk hunting and Montana deer hunting (Milk River). Neither one was at a "lodge" but had a great time none the less.
  11. Going to chase some turkeys 2nd week of April in Kansas at the Byron Walker wildlife area. Doing some primative camping. Will be my first attempt at taping a hunt, should be a good time.

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  12. Yeah that guide sucked. Put us on just as many deer as that guided hunt outside shipshe...:evil:

    You've had some guided fishing around here did fine, you didn't catch anything if I remember right...
  13. I have been to Colorado Elk hunting. We pulled a popup camper with us out there. 1st day of the season, we get a snowstorm and one of the guys (county prosecutor) was fretting that we would not make it out so we broke camp and left. took over 4 hours to go 90 miles. :yikes: what a trip!
  14. Went to Canada on a bear hunt. Stayed in a cabin on a lake. An absolute blast. We were at the alogonquin bear camp in Ontario. I would recomeend it to anyone. Be sure to pack enough beer though. We payed 35 american dollars for a case. We arrived on a saturday @ 10 in the morning and one of the guys that went with us killed his bear @ 2 in the afternoon. I killed mine on monday so we fished the rest of the week. Great walleye fishing.