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Trout and Salmon

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by pigeonflier, Oct 7, 2006.


    Tribune staff report

    Despite the heavy rains early in the week, fishing conditions remained good on the St. Joseph River according to area bait and tackle dealers.

    The water level was above average for this time of year, but river clarity wasn't impacted greatly by early-week rains.

    As far as St. Joe fish counts, 2765 steelhead, 302 chinook and 28 coho had been recorded passing through the South Bend fish ladder as of late September.

    Brian Breidert, Lake Michigan Fisheries Biologist, reportered that some steelhead and salmon have been taken at Leeper Park, Central Park and near the Twin Branch dam. At Leeper, salmon are on the beds in low numbers, but are protective of their beds. Many were dark in color, indicating they have been there for awhile.

    Breidert says the creeks in northwest Indiana produced good numbers last weekend, but wasn't sure it would hold up with the heavy rains early in the week.
    Fresh steelhead, coho and chinooks were taken over the weekend using mepps red and white spinners and spawn. Look for deep pools.

    The I-94 pool on Salt Creek has been a good producer. There were few reports on the harbor area at Michigan City. Kings continue to be taken near the hole in the wall and the ship canal near East Chicago from boats in the early evening when weather permits.
  2. Caught me a 31 inch steely monday, seems like those at Berrien Springs only leave with one or two fish. My brother caught about same size King Hen but yea, maybe this rain will help speed it up a bit. Happy Fishin All!