Turkey 2 for 2007

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by Arrowmaster, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Well I went back to Missouri to try and finish off my Missouri season and I have to say it was a successful hunt along with a crazy story. Let me start off by saying I was hunting in Hale Missouri with Grand River outfitters. I had a very good time. This is my fourth year hunting with Don. Well last week while talking at the lodge the subject of a peacock came up. Apparently this peacock was lost or something. They talked how they heard him out turkey hunting. So this morning I got to hear this peacock but got even more than that. So its early morning and the paecock is hollering like a peacock does. He made these turkeys gobble. Anyway its light out and I have a gobbler step out at 50 yards and starts to strut. Then he lifts his head and off he goes away from me. Im like whats up with that. So less than a minute later another gobbler steps out and starts alarm putting and takes off. Im like this isnt happening. Just at that moment I catch movement at my decoys. Lo and behold whos there that darn Peacock. Im like this isnt happening. He pecks my decoys. Just the a Jake comes out, alarm putts and away he goes. Im like this isnt happening. So the peacock starts walking away and gets out of sight. So then I do some calling. Who comes back but that darn peacock. So after a while he walks off again. So back to the calling for a gobbler. Nope that darn peacock returns again. Now Im getting mad. Just then I catch movement away from the peacock. I now have 6 longbeards walking up close. Then they see the peacock and start putting. Well let me say 6 came in and 5 left. This fine gobbler was 20.5lbs, 9.75in beard and 1 1/18 spurrs. I will post a pic in the photo gallery. OH dont ya just love turkey hunting???
  2. Awesome! Congrats!

  3. Great story, congrats!

  4. Great story!

    After the second turkey ran off I would have been tempted to blast that peacock! LOL
  5. You were definetly 'cock-blocked.....:biggrin:
  6. Sounds like a nice bird. Funny story...good stuff...
  7. I agree...glad it worked out for you, Arrowmaster.
  8. Just think how that Peacock fan would look mounted on the wall!!! Congratulations on your bird Arrow.
  9. loved the peacock story. congrats arrowmaster.
  10. Sounds like a dandy story there Arrowmaster. I'm thinkin' that two birds would've came out of that situation. :rolleyes: Congrats, man!!!
  11. I wonder if peacock tastes like chicken. Every once in a while you hear of some idiot checking in a calf thinking he just shot a deer or similar story. I wonder how long before some turkey hunter in Missouri hunter checks in a peacock.:coco: