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Turkey calls

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by ChapstickCharlie, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Next newbie question, how effective can I be hunting if I don't do the calls very well? I mean the ones your blow through, not the scratch ones or any other kind. I mean, is it imperative that I get skilled at calling?
  2. well, it's not imperative but it could greatly improve your chances. You could just set up a blind and hope one comes by or you could get good with calls. You don't necessarily have to use diaphram calls. You can be just as effective with a slate or box call. Those are easier to master because there are so many sounds a turkey makes. Heck, where I hunt the turkeys are so call shy so minimum calling is most the best. But, you still need to a little to let the birds know you're there. keep it short...atleast master one of the calls.

  3. Get you some diaphram calls and practice, practice, practice. Drive everyone crazy. About the time your wife says shes leaving should be pretty good.
  4. Practice, practice, practice. I've been practicing for 2 years and I don't have it down yet...and Bo I can't get my wife to leave...guess I need to practice some more. Oh yeah, buy some extras in case you swallow any of 'em.

  5. I tried hunting turkeys by letting them just walk by without calling one time, mainly because at that particular spot, they don't respond to calls much. It is VERY difficult. Try a Knight and Hale push-button yelper or "The Egg" if the other types of calls prove too difficult or if season rolls around and you haven't had time to practice.
  6. calls !!

    hey chapstick!!
    there's been tons of turkeys killed with a simple yelp. turkeys are moody and each one is different. it's not so much being fancy with calls as knowing the area your hunting. scouting is the key. have you tried a push box call? they are simple and effective. if you want to learn calling with diaphrams i like h. s. strut calls especially the 2.5 cutters. their raspy and sound great. get some tapes and start practiceing. takes a little time to get used to them in your mouth but don't worry that will go away. let them get good and wet and try yelping doing some sequences before you start cutting and changing tones. learn how they sound outside in the yard. very different than in the house. believe me the wife won't like it in the house lol. tapes will help you get started. good luck in the turkey woods.
  7. hens or no hens

    If there are hens around that haven't been bred they will do everything they can to take a gobbler away from your calling (as a rival hen). The gobbler will almost always follow unless he thinks there is a jake or another gobbler near (where a decoy can help). If there aren't any hens around that need bred, the stupid things will come from a mile away to about anything that sounds close to being a hen. That can be the case some years around the last couple of days of season. Otherwise, ambushing is the best way to get a dominant gobbler early. Be aware that method is considered "cheating" by some. I have a lot of trouble calling in nice ones early in the season. Hunting into the late morning after all the receptive hens have been bred and left sometimes works on a Tom, but more often than not he'll stay just out of range and strut (hang up).

    By "ambushing" I mean patterning their movement and setting up in range of where a tom travels (no calling), which can be pretty simple early season.

  8. Thanks for everyones' input. The wife says thanks too.
  9. bowhunting turkeys!!

    anyone have any tips for a good turkey broadhead ? how about expandibles ?
  10. The ol' 12 gauge expands quite nicely...sorry no tips on broadheads.
  11. broadheads !!

    i think i've zeroed in on the 100 grain spitfire expandable's. talked to a guy who works at the pro shop in jasper and has killed several turkeys with a bow and he said he's only had to track one. so now it's time to prepare and start scouting. oh!! and if i find a nice shed along the way that will be a nice bonus too.
  12. Bo knows contraceptives...AND toys!!!??

    Ha, ha,ha!! Bo said diaphragm...good one big fella!!! I like how you slipped that in brother!!!!!:confused:
  13. Tom???? How do you know???

    My favorite call..."Hey Turkey...come over here will ya?" This gets them every time. A question from a non-Turkey hunting deer hunter. How do you know that all those big males' names are Tom????

  14. Scrapewatcher,

    Which outdoor store are you talking about in Jasper?

    Great Outdoor's or the other one just down from the courthouse (as you can tell I can't think at the present moment).