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Turkey Calls

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by EdJ, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Finally got some time to put a few calls together. Finished up some hard maple pots with a glass surface and glass sound board. These calls are going with me to Kansas for some serious testing next week. Looking forward to all the turkey stories. Good luck to all this season.

  2. those are some pretty calls ed...

    theres some talanted fellas on here...

    what do you use for strikers?

  3. Thanks Trent. I have some rock maple, black walnut and tigerwood to turn for strikers. Going to pick up some purpleheart, bolivian rosewood and ash. Any dense hardwood will make an excellent stiker and I have a supplier that can get pretty much anything I want. Looking for a source of carbon fiber tubes for some carbon strikers.

  4. Right there are some nice calls. Great job Ed! You'll have to let us know on the test results from Kansas.
  5. Nice looking calls Ed................good luck in Kansas.
  6. Good looking pots, Ed.
  7. Bolivian Rosewood...yes...certainly bolivian rosewood would call in a turkey...haha
  8. Success

    Our group ended up with a jake and a nice 2 year old bird from our Kansas trip. The weather was pretty poor ( 30 mph winds, rain, snow, sun you name it) called in about 7 birds and sealed the deal on 2. Both birds came in to my glass calls. Was a great trip. First bird was shot 26 minutes after season opened. We put them to bed the night before and they flew right down to our decoys. We were allowed 2 birds each so I dropped a jake figuring any shot is a good one given the weather. The second bird was shot the second day. We set up about 2 miles off the trail near a river, set out our decoys and called. 2 birds gobbled with the first call. The first bird was coming in hot and heavy then a hen intercepted our Tom at about 75 yards. The cover was so thick we could only hear them coming in. We talked to that hen and tom for about 15 minutes with just clucks then we gave her a soft yelp and she went psychotic. She started clucking and putting straight away from us and took the gobbler with her but, there were 2 more stacked up behind them so we kept calling. The second bird worked for about 20 minutes cutting off every cluck, yelp and purr, flew across the river to us and ran headfirst into 2 ounces of lead.



  9. Awesome Ed. Good deal. That sucks about the weather though. Sounds like there was some pretty good action despite it though. Good looking calls, good looking birds!
  10. That is awesome! Congrats!:coolgleam

    I saw one of your calls the other day first hand. Sweet looking calls for sure!
  11. Anytime you can reap the rewards from some work done by your own hands is a true accomplishment!

    Congratulations on a great looking and WORKING call and turkey!
  12. Congrats on the better feeling than killing a bird with your own hand made call.
  13. Nice birds Ed! These calls do sound very good. Got to try them in Kentucky last weekend, just not on any receptive birds. Hope to give them another shot this weekend, maybe they will be gobbling. Or, at least, they will come out in the open a little. Cold, windy, and rainy last weekend in the blue grass.
  14. Let me know how it works for you Eric, I WANT DEAD BIRD PICS!
    Thanks for the kind words on my calls guys.

  15. Nice birds, Ed. Merriam's?