Turkey Check-in Station

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by treehugger, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Come on guys where are you??? For us poor working saps we need turkey reports from today's opening day hunt. Report your sightings, harvests, and pics here at the Turkey Check-in Station.
  2. Does this count?

    I just passed through the front office, looked to be a lot of turkeys sittin' around in there.

  3. not with hens

    I called in three young gobblers this morning- about 8:30am, not what I am looking for. My buddy called in a big old tom and picked the wrong time to draw his bow. They aren't getting with hens until mid-morning where we hunt. Most of the gobblers are roosting in one area and traveling to meet up with other birds in a field mid-morning. The hens don't seem to have them yet. Good luck everyone, they seem to be coming to calls right now.

  4. Just talked to my brother, who was hunting in my spot and in my blind...wow what a great brother I am...and as Eric said they are coming to the calls good. Mark said he had a Tom talking to him for over 90 minutes this morning...in and out of the area but never in a spot long enough to put the smack down on him with a bow. He did finally take a tough shot but missed. Didn't seem to bother the bird too much as he stayed in the area and was still gobbling. Good luck out there!!!
  5. I would say you deserve some sort of sportsmans award allowing to share your blind with your brother.

    Ever consider sharing your treestand locations, Bro???
  6. Called this tom in for my buddy to shoot this morning. 24 lbs. 9 1/2" beard 1" spurs. Oh yeah, got 71 yellows while we were out too!

  7. Good job James, who shot the bird?
  8. Tony shot the bird.
  9. Nice bit of team work there James!!! A day you'll long remember.
  10. Man being at work today sucks. I was fine until JL posted the picture!

    Nice job James!!
  11. Congratuations! You guys sure hit the jackpot! Mushrooms too!:)
  12. Way to call james, nice shoot tony and super nice mushrooms james should go good togather.
  13. Thanks, fellas. Actually, we were just getting ready to move; I stood up and looked out into the field and he was about 100 yards away. We sat back down, and I mouthed a couple of yelps. He must have come charging, because he got to us in a hurry. He got to 39 yards, and Tony tipped him right over with his Nova. We were chasing birds all morning. They were still gobbling late into the morning, and at 11:30, as we were driving home, we saw 8 more birds. Most of them were toms strutting for hens. Now I just need to call one in for myself! I'm posting another pic. of the bird, this time with Tony in it.

  14. Yeah....RAndy....'Ol Buddy???!!!!! Have you?????

    Randy???:hide: !!!!!