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Turkey Contest....Gobble

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by Duckz-N-Buckz30, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Anybody up for a turket hunting contest?

    I figured we could just use the NWTF scoring system. Or we could use a modified scoring system that uses the same basic principles. Beard length + Spur Length + Weight = Score. Or have a scoring range for each:
    15-18lbs = 1
    19-22lbs = 2
    23-26lbs = 3
    27lbs+ = 4

    Beard (total of all in inches)
    1-4 = 1
    5-8 = 2
    9-12 = 3
    13+ = 4

    Spurs (total of both in millimeters)
    10-39 = 1
    40-54 = 2
    55-69 = 3
    70+ = 4

    Maybe use a buddy system similar to the deer contest. Let me know who all would be interested.
  2. i'm the nwtf scoring about bonus for using archery equipment? i still think i'm going to give it a go this year...

  3. i would like to but the pics i took this yr. on the deer contest just didn't turn out worth a darn. i'm just gonna wait till i get a better camera.
  4. I'd think about joining in, but may have to rely on someone showing me the ropes and some birds. There's a marked abscence of turkey where I hunt deer. If teams are made up, maybe that could work.
    I'd support the contest even if I didn't take part, just like the trail cam contest, it's just fun to sit back and watch how it goes.
  5. I'm in. I suggest the NWTF scoring system.

    A bonus for archery equipment!:evil:
  6. How about a 10 pt/in bonus for archery, and a 5pt/in bonus for mzldr???
  7. Im in... I am not familiar with the NWTF scoring system so that run through here once and we will see what happens. Good luck this spring... It cant get here soon enough.
  8. im in i also like archery bonus, i think i like nwtf score better with a +5 for archery, i dont think muzzleloader needs a bonus
  9. I'm like quail, birds don't stick around here, and therefore, i dont hunt em...but I like the idea...
  10. Count me about 2 catagories though, one for archery and one for firearm. we could use the NWTF scoring for each.
  11. Count me in!! NWTF is good, doesn't matter, either way is fair. Bonus for Bow.
  12. Sounds good to me. How about letting two or three guys choose their teams instead of random draw?