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Turkey Eggs

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by Hetch Muncy, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Last year I was mushroom hunting and came up on a nest with about 30 eggs, I was wondering how many of you all have ever found the samething?
  2. we usually find 1 or 2 nests a year but they usually don't have anymore than 15 or so in them. I can't believe some of the places those turkeys can get their nests into.

  3. yes I have found them. I have ran a raccoon off of some a few years ago. He had most of them ate though. My turkeys here at home are already laying. One of my hens is nesting now as I type this...
  4. The only one I have ever found had a hen on it. Imagine my shock and suprise when that 10lb "quail" lept out of the briars. Scared the bujesus out of me.
  5. Found one with about fifteen eggs in it one time.
  6. Usually find a nest or two every year, never seen 30 eggs though??
  7. Last year we jumped a hen off of a nest with 11 eggs. She scared us as much as we scared her. Probably the first time she has seen a human in that holler. Not a ravine I would want to cross everyday.