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Turkey eggs

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by Hetch Muncy, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. :) Just this past Sunday I had a buddy come over with his tractor and try to disc up an acre for my food plot and as we were going through some tall weeds, just as the bucket came over the hen she flew off so I climbed up to the front and low and behold there was a nest with 7 eggs in it .:yikes: Have any of you all ever found a nest in June? :help:
  2. Believe it or not, I saw a tom struttin' this afternoon across the road from my house. Never found a nest in June though.

  3. i've only saw one in my life. i thought we'd be seeing poults by now.
  4. I saw a tom strutting on the way in to the office yesterday morning as well. All alone in a field I've never seen birds in.
  5. I saw a TOM last thursday strutting like no other. It was just after fly down as I was on my way to work. Really cool to see. Then on Saturday when it was down right hot I saw the four resident jakes that live on my property out struttin in an open patch surrounded by tall grass. I thought it was awfully late as well but if I only got a piece of tail once a year, Id keep trying till I was told to stop.
  6. i dont think it is uncommon for a few turkeys to still be setting on eggs...sometimes if a predator gets their nest, they will start a 2nd or 3rd...that is probably why such a low # of eggs...also we had the late freeze which i think froze alot of nests and put the hens back to the toms...i will not be suprised if we have an extremely low production this year due to the freeze...i saw a tom with 3-4 hens about two weeks ago in full they may try and produce a late brood...but numbers will be small and they will miss the good growing season
  7. Almost three weeks since the last post on this thread... and guess what we found yesterday while checking my game cam pictures...??? We stood at the tree where the camera hung for 10 minutes or so while reviewing the pictures. All of a sudden, a hen flushes off of a nest not more than 10 feet away...!!! She had ten eggs in it, and one she must have kicked off while leaving, for a total of eleven. Seems very wierd to me this late in the year... good news is that my private property deer hunting spot also has turkeys...!!!

  8. afraid we are going to have poor hatch numbers...i have been seeing several hens without any poults...finally saw three hens yesterday with a total of four poults...:mad:
  9. I was going to pull my camera to move to another location.... after finding this nest (which is in tall weeds), I just dropped the camera real low to the ground. Maybe I get her and the poults leaving the nest... or the 'yotes, coons, or foxes raiding the nest (or the legs from the BIG NASTY... maybe the frame will catch his drop-tines... LOL)