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Turkey gun??

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by ntnjoe, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. I have always been a fisherman and deer hunter but have never turkey hunted. I plan on starting this spring. What is everyones recommendation for a turkey gun with a spending limit of $500 dollars.
  2. Hands down...Remington 879 super mag... What i use anyways and probably always will. But im a remington man for almost everything. Others will probably say mossberg 835 which makes for a wonderul boat oar after turkey season as well :) No...only reason i say super mag even is because i shoot 3 1/2 loads you could get away with just a regular 870 express if you wanted to only shoot 3" which work just fine too. Good Luck!

  3. For $500

    In a Pump with a 3 1/2in. chamber definitely the Remington 870 Express Super-Mag.

    For a Semi-auto with a 3in. chamber go with a Stoeger Model 2000 (best gun for the $$).
  4. Tough to beat an 870 Super Mag if I do say so myself;)
  5. haha.... 879 supermag what i put in first post...good luck findin that gun :)
  6. Another Rem. 870 Super Mag user here. You can pick up the black ones pretty reasonable, or spend a little extra on a camo one and still be under $500. Remember you're going to want to get a turkey choke for it, and possibly upgrade the sights.

    I've got the 870 Super in M.O. camo, a Rhino choke tube, Hi-viz sights, and Winchester Supreme 3.5" #5 shells. It is a turkey killing machine!:coolgleam I've killed a bunch of birds with this combo.
  7. which ever you choose go ahead and get a 3 1/2 " mag. cause you eventually will. i've got 2 remingtons and 2 mossbergs. neither have jammed although i think the remington has much smoother action better gun all around although i do really like my 835 ultra mag mossberg. their monsters to shoot. :yikes:
  8. I bought a Benelli Nova 2 yrs ago and for the $$ it's a great gun.
  9. I use a Harrington and Richardson single shot 10 guage. It's the pardner turkey gun so the stock and forend are camo. It's tapped on the barrel for a scope. Got a red dot on it and I haven't missed yet, 5 out of 5. Plus they're only around 200 bucks. They're lightweight, so if you hunt around southern indiana, it helps when your climbing up those hills. I've got a
    24" barrel on mine, but I think they make them with 26 and 28in barrels also. Can't beat it for the money
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  10. if you want just speicialty gun for turkey 2 yrs ago i bought new winchesters 1300 short turkey. great gun 18 inch barrel for a factory choke its ok mossy oak camo, patterns excellent to 40yds. i think if you bought a aftermarket choke you could reach 50 yds. paid 420 bucks after tax
  11. I love mine and it meets your price-point with some left over to get a really good turkey choke tube....
  12. I use a Mossberg 835 12g w/ 3.5" turkey load. I have no complaints
  13. I use a Mossberg 500. I wouldnt trade it for anything. Its very deadly. Make sure you get the right choke for your gun, and pattern it. Thats the key is getting a good pattern.
  14. a saw a fully camo mossberg with a pistol grip tatical stock and a mean turkey choke for 400 at the local sporting goods