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Turkey Hunting Frustration

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by treehugger, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. OK...Turkey hunting season has only been in for 5 full days now. I'm already more frustrated with these dang birds than I get in 3 months of deer hunting. :banghead3 :bonk: :banghead3 As is traditionally, now in my 4th year of hunting with no beards to my credit, I have already swore that I WILL NOT HUNT TURKEYS NEXT YEAR!!! I know it will happen...SOMEDAY...but dang its frustrating. Anybody else feeling my pain out there???
  2. Right there with you randy. Already threatened to sell my turkey gear. I guess I have a technical question though. If you go sit in the woods, and make noises like a turkey. And think that you hear turkeys talking back, but never actually lay eyes on a turkey, are you REALLY turkey hunting? Or are you just, "sitting in the woods"?

    Just a question I had...

  3. A thought to ponder......;)
  4. I haven't turkey hunted for a couple of years, but I know what you mean.

    I got into turkey hunting because my younger brother had bought a youth license in '90. We knew that it was good for turkeys, and that there were turkeys where we deer hunted, so what the heck. The weekend before opening day, I went to the store and bought a video, a box call, and a diaphram. On Saturday, we went hunting. On the last weekend, I called in a 22 lb 2 year old gobbler, and Mike had his first turkey. The next year, I called in a 19 lb'er and thought I was the cats meow.

    For the next 5 years, I fought the same battles you are describing...other hunters calling my birds away, other hunters scaring my birds with their calling, ME scaring my birds with my calling, hens, hang-ups, deer, you name it. The best snaffu I can remember was the morning that my oldest son fell asleep during a sweet set up at Jasper Pulaski. When the tom was about 50 yards out and deciding whether or not to come in, John started snoring. Dang. A turkey hunter can't catch a break.

    Don't give up, Tree. If turkey hunting was easy, everyone would do it.
  5. Randy, any bad day in the woods hunting is still better than my best day at work!!!!

    Have you tried a different gun for luck yet?
  6. Hell Yes...

    O-yes....But the Hunting part is what makes me TICK...Killing part just makes it more FUN....
  7. I'm with you Randy

    I am this [] close to stealing JL's bird and calling it my own haha

    I haven't changed guns for luck...good thought though!!! Too bad I only have one shotgun haha Sounds like a good excuse for me to go buy one. "Well baby I need to have a backup so if one gun runs cold I can switch it out for good luck." I don't see her buying it though...:rolleyes:

    this morning walking into the woods I heard a pair of gobbles off in the distance walking towards the gobbles just about a stones throw away from where i wanted to setup I literally almost stepped on a hen (she was down but the gobblers were still up). She took off and all of the gobblers followed. The next time i heard them they were on the other side of the lake. :bash:

    Yesterday we had birds close all morning. Finally started getting closer and somebody nearby fired. I didn't hear another gobble all morning. :banghead3

    I'm a good looking guy...but apparently i'm a butt ugly female turkey :rolleyes:
  8. I have taken everyday off work since season come in last wed. I have not killed a bird yet... ive been schooled more times this week than any other turkey seasons combined..... shoulda killed one but didnt.... called in huge tom this mornin... buddy shoulda killed him but didnt. Just cant get things together!! Ive been on birds 4 outta the 5 days of season and not fired a shot yet. BUT!!! I am havin probably the best vacation i have ever taken! Im havin such a blast doin this every moring/afternoon. No i havent connected yet but i am havin so much fun tryin. Frustrated ... yes..... gonna quit??!! HELL NO!!
  9. I started hunting turkeys in 1999. I got my first bird in 2000, but I didn't get my second bird until 2004. I know all about the frustration, but I would have never given up. It's a thrill just to have a close encounter or hear them gobble.
  10. Hang in there tree. Im frustrated this year as well here in Indiana. I thought I had one in the bag Friday, but did he prove me wrong.
  11. I don't think all of my frustration is due to this season alone...I saw 5 toms on Thursday and had 1 hen within 10 ft. of me on Friday, that was cool. Didn't get out yesterday due to other things going on. Went out with my wife this morning and we didn't see or hear anything. Our hunt this afternoon got canceled by the guy that had permission to take us on some good property. I think my frustration has built up over the past few years and being sooooo close to getting one on Thursday. I've had a good time each time out and have seen some good birds too. It's all part of the hunt....thanks for your comments guys.
  12. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I have been passing up shots at big toms all year, they are just to pretty to shoot...:confused:
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  14. Im goin turkey hunting for my first time next week. All these comments are great words of encouragment...haha. Maybe ill have beginners luck who knows.
  15. I get frustrated at everything I hunt not just turkeys. But I would never give any of it up. love being out there in the woods to much.