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turkey hunting patoka lake

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by sadillon, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Just mondering if any one has ever turkey hunted at patoka resivior. I want to bass fish and when I hear them go into the woods and kill my bird. The DNR website is very vaigue as to the rules. All I get from reading what they have to say is you must check in. Where? Does this mean they will tell me where we have to go? If anyone could tell me about there experiance I would really appreciate it. thanks
  2. A hunter must check-in at one of the various check-in sites to legally hunt the Patoka Lake Area. There are some NO HUNTING areas around the lake and lots of places where the State only owns about 150 yards or so of land. It's easy to go from the shore and end up on Private Property. Be careful of where you decide to hunt from the lake as many land-owners are upset with people coming onto their property from the lake. I'd stop by the DNR Headquarters for a map showing the areas where you can legally hunt and find out where the check-in stations are located. Hope this helps!