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Turkey Load?

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by rackstalker, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. I shoot a 870 mag and was wondering what load is the best for turkeys in this gun? I shoot number 4 shot winchester supremes usually but with the new heavy shot out was curious if there worth the money. Nitro's shoot good too. what your guys opinion here??????
  2. every one i talk too say's they are. i have a friend who uses the heavyshot and he swears by it. i've been using remington copper # 5's but i think i'm going to try the winchester extended range this yr. i'll still use # 5's but i want some more distance. everything i've heard or watched on tv says they will reach out and touch someone. hopefully a big tom. see how they shoot with your gun and how it patterns.

  3. FireLt72

    FireLt72 Staff Member Mod

    I hear the same thing about the hevi shot, but there is a version (I can't remeber which brand) that is great for target shooting and terrible for hunting...

    I am currently shooting the rem 4X6 and they seem to work well.
  4. I also shoot the 870 with a extra full turkey choke, I shoot the Remington Copper plated 4 shot 3", I bought them 3 years ago, seeing as I have only used 4 shells out of the 8, 2 to pattern the gun, 2 to take a bird, I should have a few years left, hopefully. I have taken 2 birds, one at 8 yards and one at almost point blank range, so I can't testify to the knock down power at longer ranges

    I did buy some winchester's last year to use while coyote hunting. The place had no buck shot and I forgot my buck shot an hour away at home. They shot nice, patterned nice at 45 yards, they were 4 shot also.
  5. hevi is deadly

    Goose hunting in canada with hevi shot for three years has proven to to me that it kills what it hits! Plated shots at short distances might not deform and tear up what it hits like steel. Cleaning birds and inspecting the pellets I have seen what they do after impact. Not much can walk, fly or run after a hevi load hits it.
  6. Hey DB, why don't you try ringin' something up with a 100 grain 3 blade muzzy and see what kind of damage that does...remember though it does take skills!!! :yikes:
  7. what Dburris posted

    Hevi-shot is worth the money. It's almost an unfair advantage over any other load. Expect to be able to kill a turkey at 55-60 yards (I don't recommend shooting that far but I've seen it done). I shoot 3.5" #5 out of a mossberg 835 ultimag with the turkey barrel and choke.

  8. treehuger, I am thinking about taking my bow and thats what i have it outfitted with, Muzzy "bad to the bone" 100's, punched a lot of holes in deer this year.

    My only problem is that the property i hunt is adjoined by another farm that I am not allowed, no one is allowed on it , even to go after a down/wounded turkey. I have to set up only 50-75 yards away from this property and call the birds off the roost to me. So my only concern is hitting a bird and it going on to that property and I would be unable to retrieve it.
  9. I shoot an 870 20 gauge, with a hastings turkey choke. Putting a federal flight control shell through that bad boy has skinned turkey heads twice. Two years ago i shot a bird at about 25 yards and to buy a fake head to have it mounted. I was checking out other turkey loads on, i about crapped when i saw the price of those shells.... Some kind of winchester shell was like 25 bucks for 10 shells. Holy crap.... Apparently the BB's in those shells are solid gold nuggets.
  10. I shot one at 48 yrds last year with a NEF 10 guage single shot. I was using #5 Hevi-Shot and all I could see was his head through a bunch of brush, and I was shooting through a fence. He dropped instantly and never even flopped.
  11. My experience with heavy shot is you need a choke that will shoot it well. I have a Mossberg Ulti-Mag tipped with a Mad Max 680. It patterns better with Winchester supremes than anything else. I also have a Benneli Nova tipped with an undertaker that patterns better with heavy shot. Each gun is different (Tolerance +- on the bore of the gun coupled with Tolerance +- on the choke tube) so to really tell what would shoot better in your gun you would have to shoot them all. With the costs of these loads that is not practical unless you are well off......
  12. If you want the best at a low cost - roll your own with copper plated lead. IF you aren't satisfied with a Chevy, go with the Lexus/Hevi - you can handload that too.
  13. Turkey loads

    I agree with the latter part of Hoyt Rocks reply. You need to determine what shoots best from your gun, with the choke you are using. I personally use a Hastings turkey choke in a Winchester 12 ga. I use Remington Turkey loads, not heavy shot. I have killed birds out at 48 yards. It is expensive to buy the boxes of different loads, but that is the only good way to determine what works best. When I found the load that worked, I bought ten boxes. I plan on using this shotgun, choke and shell combination for a few years.