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Turkey Loads

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by Daddy-O, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. I was wodering if anyone else shoots a T/C Encore Turkey barell 12 ga. 3" chamber smooth bore with a factory choke tube ( I don't have any experience with choke tubes) and if so what shoots best from it along with adequate killing distances for your recommended load. I posted on the Turkey Forum and was told to shoot #4 & #5 shot, but forgot to mention chamber size and the factory choke. PLEASE HELP !!!!!
  2. turkey loads !!

    hey daddy-o !!
    i don't shoot a mnuzzel loader but i think 5's are the best for shotgun. can you get a choke tube for turkeys for your encore? i have a hastings extended turkey choke tube.

  3. Hey big daddy...I have an Encore but didn't spend the $300 on the turkey barrel. I use an 870 express with a Tru-Glow Strut Stopper choke tube. I have never had success with Remington 4s or 5s. I have had success with Winchester Supreme 5s, and last year I shot my bird with Federal Premium 4s. I've used Federal slugs for years with amazing success, and I will continue to use the Federal turkey loads.

  4. Srape watcher the choke tube came with the accessory barell I purchased for my Encore.

    J.L. I shot Win. Super 4 from a 10 ga. last year without a choke and it preformed well. What do you not like about the Rem 4's & 5's was it the pattern or distance, also do you prefer Win. pattern and distance over Fed. or vice a versa?
  5. Big Daddy, I didn't like my pattern at any distance with the Remington loads. I missed a bird at 40 yds. and hit one bird twice at 25 yds. and never recovered it. No more. I like the pattern of the Wins. from 25 yards and in, but no further. The Federal holds a tighter group at longer distances than the Win., so that's what I'll be using, they were much cheaper than the Wins. or the Rems.
  6. loads

    If you want long range knockdown power, #4-#5 remington hevi-shot (3"or 3.5")will get you out there to 60 yards. Plus it's environmentally safe (just like the hevi waterfowl loads). I pattern using regular high brass fours and then shoot one of the hevishot loads at 30 or 40 yards just to make sure I'm getting 30-40 pellets in the head and neck area. I have taken a 20lb gobbler (flopped over dead) at 55 yards with 3.5" #5 hevi shot out of a mossberg 835 ultimag (scoped) with the turkey barrel and ultiful choke. The 3.5" shells are about $25 for 10. Prepare for some shoulder abuse from the hevi loads. There is no substitute if you want to make a long shot.

  7. J.L. thanks for the info, if I wanted to purchase another choke tube rather than use the factory one how do I know it is compatible to my barrell or are they all univerasal with the threads for them the same? Ican't find any info on my T/C choke tube.
  8. I've never seen the turkey barrel, so I don't know...most choke threads are different, and that is probably the case with the Encore...I don't know if any after-market manufacturers (like Tru-Glow, M.A.D. etc.) make a tube for the Encore turkey barrel. I'll look around for you.
  9. Hey, I also enjoy seeing what partof the state you guys are from how did I miss listing my location?
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  11. I personally have always had better luck with 5's or 6's in my Remington guns. That is plated lead. I have patterned many loads. What I have found is sacrifice a little payload for some speed (like 1-7/8 oz v. 2 oz) and I got higher % patterns - 90%+ at 40 yd in a 20" circle. Right now I have some Federal 3-1/2" Grand Slam (High Energy) in #5 and Winchester 3-1/2" Supreme High Velocity in #6. With my 870, I am getting about 95% in the 5's and 91% in 6's in a Truglo choke, a couple % lower in the Rem SF turkey.

    I have a bunch of copper plated shot and some wads, I am going to custom load some and see if I can do better.