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Turkey Palooza

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by hunter7x, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. This past April a couple of buddies and took off on what we called Turkey Palooza. We hunted Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri before I came back to Indiana to take a boy during the youth season and our Indiana season started.

    The rtrip actually started with my youngest sdon and I heading to Kentucky for the youth season there.

    We got skunked with gale force winds and freezing temps for the weekend. It was our first out of state hunting treip together so neither one of us cared too much. It was definately an adventure.
    My son in the turkey blind

  2. From there it was off to Kansas. We hunted state land enrolled in the walk in areas. There is some good land and some hard hunted land. Unfortunately we had to find out with boot leather and Turks that were call and decoy shy before we could decifer the two.

    I took a nice 2 year old bird on the second day.


  3. From there we headed to Nebraska. This was my favorite part of the trip. Easy access to private ground just by knocking on doors and being polite.

    This 3 year old bird RAN to my Poor Valley Glass and decoy spread. We all three killed a bird in Nebraska. If tags were so much money we would have stayed here. And we already had out second tag for Kansas so back we went.

  4. The return trip to Kanssa was fun but my buddy Todd is the only one who killed a bird.

    I chased a couple and should have killed one. I had 2 gobblers at about 45 yards but thought they were going to come closer. For some rteason they turned around and walked off the way they came. 45 yards is no problem for my Encore

    This was an abandoned house I thought was cool.

  5. From the return trip to Kansas we headed for Missouri and my friend property. Missouri had a tough year, last I heard they were off about 10,000 birds from last years spring harvest.

    I had a date with a special friend in Indiana in the 20th so on the 19th at about high noon I popped this Jake.

  6. I met Brian and his mom and my girlfriend in Vincinnes on the 20th after some final scouting. Inhuntress and I were on the property a couple of weeks before I left for Turkey palooza and knew exactly where we were going to set up Brians gound blind.

    I misjudged the distance to the blind Saturday morning and realized that carrying 80 pounds 6/10 of a mile is hard on an old man !! I had planned on just carrying Brian who sufferes from C.P on my back into the blind. What I didn't realize was his legs wouldn open up for me to carry him piggy back! I ended up carrying him like a baby with his bottom on my forearm. He was ruthless lol when I would need to set him down to rest my arm he would say get up we've got to get to hte blind there's turkeys out there !!! LOL I finally told him if his butt wasn't so big I could carry him easier.
    We just got set up after I made a second trip to the truck to get gun, shooting system and all that looked out and this is what I saw. I was hour later than I wanted to !

  7. Brian was able to see these birds but they weren't interested in anything I had to say to them.

    The next morning went much better. I had found an ATV from some friends and getting Brian in and out went much better.

    We had birds sounding off all around us. I actually had 2 birds on the levee when someone shot VERY VERY close to us spooking the entire flock.

    Brian had a good time and I think I was more upset about someone coming in on us than he was.


  8. Indiana was tough for me. I had the pleasure of hunting with inhuntress, a beautiful young lady when is like a sponge in the outdoors. She got drawn for Mississinewa the last weekend. We worked a bird the first morning but my lack of knowledge of the property we were on costs us a bird. I thought we were set up close to a grass field in the dark. The bird was very vocal and after fly down strutted on the other side of what turned out to be a knee deep swamp that he wouldn't have crossed for anything.

    I was teasing her about picking flowers while we're turkey hunting!

  9. We both got skunked in Indiana this year. But we had fun. I chased a bird behind my house all season. He wouldn't come onto my property.

    for some reason everyone I hunt with falls asleep in the blind with me !

  10. So all in all I had a great seaon and enjoyed many good times with friends and my son.

    Thanks everyone who helped make those memories
  11. Awsome , Thats What Hunting Is All About Congrats On The Birds You Got, You Had A Tremendous Year In The Turkey Woods!!!!
  12. Thanks for the wonderful stories and pics! Indiana was tough for a lot of hunters this year.
  13. Freezing cold weather and rain in Kentucky? Nah you gotta be kidding.
  14. Buddy, I've got to tell you..... That must be some kind of fun!!!!!!!!!! I envy you my friend. Sounds like each of you had a good time. On another note, you killed a bird - Congrats I on the otherhand couldn't even find one in the freezer this spring! LOL. Thanks for the great pics and the great stories! The smile on the boys face says it all!
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  15. Yeah I know what ya mean I have the same chair and it'll put you to sleep before you know it.